A Peep at the Coops: The East Dallas Urban Coop Tour

There is so much going on this weekend (i.e. Taste Addison, Crawfish Boil at Dodie’s, etc.) that it’s got to be hard deciding what to do and where to go. Let me see if I can help. Clear your schedule, drop what you’re doing on May 20, and go visit some chickens on the Peep at the Coops tour from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. One of the most attractive aspects about living in Dallas is that we are surrounded by a creative niche of people who love chickens and build some of the wackiest, out-of-the-box coops for them. You’ll get to take a peek at 13 different coops, learn about backyard chickens in four different seminars, and possibly win the raffle for a mobile chicken coop. Most importantly, the money you’re paying for the tour is going directly to Stonewall Gardens at Stonewall Jackson Elementary, an outdoor lab where students learn about science and nature by actually connecting with the it. To sign up, email [email protected].

Now it’s time for your favorite part of the week: Friday Fun Fact Time. Allow me to leave you with three random chicken tidbits in order to whet your appetite for Sunday. These will be sure to impress your date (not really).

Random fact #1: A tiny egg without yolk is sometimes called a dwarf, wind, or fart egg.

Random fact #2: Some ducks, like the domestic Muscovy Duck, are compatible with chickens. They patrol for slugs and are efficient foragers.

Random fact #3: According to the Egg Nutrition Center, a fresh egg has 72 calories with 6.3 grams of protein. It has a total fat of 4.8 grams and 186 milligrams of cholesterol.


  • Seb

    I love this time of year. There are coop shows all over the place.