Vegan Fresh: Refreshing Watermelon Salad and Open-faced Avocado Sandwich

Sandwich ingredients: fresh mint, red onion, avocado, kalamata olives, Dijon mustard, tomato, sprouts, gluten-free bread (photos by Michelle Saunders)

D Magazine intern Michelle Saunders is a healthy eater who makes vegan/vegetarian-friendly concoctions. She brought you this chickpea-free hummus last week.

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite simple dinners. As the weather gets warmer I tend to want lighter, less-cooked meals and this salad and sandwich combo is just that. With seasonal fruits like watermelon readily available, this meal only takes minutes to whip up. I like to add fresh mint to just about everything in the summer for a refreshing kick, and the colors and sweet and savory combination of flavors in the salad will make this a staple for me all season long.

Jump for the recipe.

Salad Ingredients:
½ a watermelon, chilled
2 lemons
1 bunch of fresh mint
¼ red onion
Kalamata olives (I used olive halves)

Sandwich Ingredients:
1 slice of bread (I use gluten-free millet bread)
½ an avocado
½ a tomato
Dijon mustard

Watermelon and lemon

Salad Directions:
1. De-seed melon and cut into chunks.
2. Finely chop bunch of mint and onion.
3. Add mint, onion, and olives to taste.
4. Squeeze lemons over salad, stir, and serve right away!

Sandwich Directions:
1. Toast bread and spread Dijon on it.
2. Slice avocado and tomatoes and layer on slice.
3. Top with sprouts and enjoy!

Finished meal


  • Parkie

    You call that dinner? If I served that to my family, they’d laugh and go order a pizza.
    Seriously, your food is very pretty and looks tasty, but seems geared for ladies wanting spa food. Not sure how you could get enough calories to feed teenagers and athletic adults. Enlighten me, please!

  • Kadiemom

    Hold on. I’m not trying to be mean but this “meal” was worthy of a post? The chickpea free hummus was a better attempt. This is an unfinished veggie sandwich and some cut up watermelon. Sorry-better luck next week 🙂

  • I think this looks a fresh, healthy, and delicious dinner — perfect for Summer!

  • Looks “like” a fresh, healthy, and delicious dinner, guess I was too busy dreaming of watermelon to include all of the necessary words. 🙂

  • Kaye

    So, what I really don’t understand when people say “I’m not trying to be mean” and then say something mean; or when people say “no offense, but…” and then continue on to say something offensive. If you’re going to be obnoxious in life or state your opinion in rude manner, then at least have the balls to do it without putting a weak disclaimer first.

    But anyway, this recipe is fantastic!! I live in Los Angeles and I HATE paying top dollar at some of the vegan places around my house (although they are delicious). This was a fantastic, and affordable light meal! Perfect for summer when it’s far too hot to eat something heavy! Please post more; the chick-pea free hummus was a hit as well! I love trying new recipes.

  • Kaye

    *is. I was also dreaming of watermelon! 🙂

  • milkandcookies

    got a recipe for peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

  • Michelle Saunders

    Thank you everyone for the feedback, both positive and negative – I appreciate the time you took to comment.

    @Kaye – I totally agree with you on the commenting thing…I don’t really understand it either! If you don’t like it, why bother commenting? I don’t leave nasty/snarky comments on posts about steak & potatoes & things that don’t appeal to me! I just keep it moving and don’t comment on those!

    ANYWAY, I’m SO glad you tried this and liked it as well as my other recipe. My sis lives in LA and I am very envious of all the delish vegan eateries you have out there, although there is NO way I could afford to visit them regularly! I try to recreate yummy vegan meals on a broke-post-grad-pre-real-job income as much as I can so affordability is definitely my aim! Thanks for commenting, expect more recipes soon!

    @milkandcookies – Funny! Honestly, pb & j will forever be my comfort food! Yes, just regular ole, plain and simple, no frills, pb & j. Perhaps I SHOULD post a “recipe” for that….it may be more popular than my others! Thanks for the idea and for commenting!

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  • Jen Hainley

    This sounds delicious! My kid loves trying new foods and new preparations of foods; I’m going to prepare this for his lunch tomorrow. Thank you for sharing the recipe!