Update: Trouble Brewing at The Chesterfield

Well, it looks like everyone involved in the battle for power at The Chesterfield has lawyered up and are not returning phone calls. This just in from Ed Bailey’s management company.

“We are working hard to resolve an internal issue with management that is a private matter,” said Gary Van Gundy, President, Edward C. Bailey Enterprises. “Eddie Campbell’s status as minority owner in The Chesterfield has not changed.  We are open for business as usual.”


  • G

    When I first met Eddie (short hair days), he used to always talk about opening his own place. I was so happy for him when the chesterfield opened. A bar with Eddie’s vision, taste, and passion for cocktails. Without Eddie, the Chesterfield is a rudderless ship. Eddie, we look forward to next venture. –Gs

  • yuck

    Private Matter??? LMFAO

  • Droopydave

    I agree, G. I got to visit the Chesterfield when I was home in Dallas over Christmas. It was great, and I could definitely tell it was a labor of love for Eddie. I can’t imagine the place without him running it. I won’t be there.

  • GHD

    It’s good to talk – in any relationship…

    Good people – great bar – better drinks.