The Marquee Grill and The Dram Host Fundraisers for Injured Dallas Bartender Andrew Lostetter

Andrew Lostetter, bartender at The Marquee, and formerly of Neighborhood Services Tavern and Fireside Pies, was injured in a ski accident in Breckenridge, Colorado last month. A skier lost control, struck Andrew, and propelled him into a tree. His extensive injuries included a fractured pelvis (four places), two fractured vertebrae, and a dislocated sacrum, the triangular bone at the end of the spine. Lostetter has already undergone two surgeries in Denver and two weeks of rehabilitation. He is back in Dallas now but it looks like he won’t be able to get back to shaking basil gimlets for at least 3 months.

Lostetter’s  friends are rallying support to help off set his medical bills and lost wages. So far, two fundraisers are planned.

The Marquee Grill will host an event on April 22 from 7-11 pm. There will be a silent auction that will include baskets of Scotch, all-inclusive dinners, and many talented mixologists and chefs will be auctioning their services for private events.

The Dram will also host an event on April 29 from 7-12 pm. There will be a huge raffle at Dram, which will include pieces by local artists, bar tabs around the city, dinners from your favorite hot spots, and wine and spirits goodies. There will be a band, DJs, and a food truck.

All proceeds from sales at both events and funds from the silent auction and raffle will benefit Lostetter. Do a good deed and get to hang out with Dallas’ finest mixologists.


  • lovestomixitup

    Let’s not forget The Standard Pour did a benefit for Andrew as well two weeks, hope everyone raises a lot of money.

  • DGirl

    Good on y’all for doing that. Nancy, can you post a photo of him so we know who it is?

  • Watchfuleye

    So if these are fundraisers, what “portion of the sales from both events” will actaully go to Lostetter?

  • girltender

    @watchfuleye I believe he gets 100% of the proceeds from the auctions

  • Saw Andrew last nite and talked to him for 15 minutes. After all that has happened, he had a smile on his face . . . wow, what a strong dude.

  • joeat

    A pic would be great. I know several “Andrews” but no last names. Thanks.

  • FOH

    It doesn’t matter if you know him or not. He has been in the hospitality industry for years! He has made drinks and served most of the people reading this post. All of us in the business know that this could be one of us! Let’s all help Andrew! He is a great person and has one if the best attitudes out there!!!

  • Frisco

    Is there a way to help without attending an event? We know Andrew from his Cuba Libre days, but sadly are suburb/baby restricted and can’t make it out.

  • Melissa

    Frisco- Thank you for wanting to help Andrew! If you are on Facebook, go to “Andrew Lostetter Recovery Benefit” for more information.

  • Eric Celeste

    Andrew is a great guy, and I’m glad I’ll be in town that weekend and be able to come by the Dram and pitch in. See you there.

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