SVM, Trinity Groves, and a Milestone

SVM is the corporate form (as distinct from the corporal form) of Sharon van Meter. In a few months, both forms are moving across the river to Trinity Groves. That, you will recall, is the gastronomic and culinary center under development by Phil Romano at the end of Santiago Calatrava’s new icon of the Dallas skyline. The Milestone Culinary Arts Center may move as well, but not to Trinity Groves, and only as a showroom for kitchen appliances. Van Meter isn’t unhappy with the current digs. Rather, Phil Romano is very serious about Trinity Groves’ success and he regards Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, Graduate Van Meter as something of an ‘anchor store’ in his new mall. He offered her a deal she couldn’t refuse, including seating space for 400 people where she can do big events. Kitchen appliance and equipment makers are also likely to be falling over themselves to equip a school that sees thousands of students every year.

Given the pace of this, I suspect that we will hear some other major announcements about Trinity Groves in the next month or so.