Stephan Pyles Announces Names For Three New Restaurants

Well, gang. Looks like some of you came close to winning unofficial “guess the name of Stephan Pyles’ three new restaurants.” Today Mr. Pyles announces:

I have the name for the new restaurant at Park 17 [ at 1717 McKinney in Uptown]. It’s Stampede 66. The “Stampede” comes from the fact that we will have 8 sets of classic specimen longhorns (in stampeding motion) over the bar. Also, The Stampede was the name of the Country-Western Dance Hall in my home town of Big Spring that was the draw from all over West Texas on the weekends. It was the home of Hoyle Nix and his West Texas Cowboys that sang with Bob Wills. He did a version of “Big Ball’s in Cowtown” that rivals Wills’. The Stampede opened in 1954 and is still going strong today. Jody Nix took over the musical reigns from his dad some years ago and has had successful career of his own. And finally, my family’s café when I was growing up was the Phillip’s 66 Truck Stop Café. In addition, I’ve always been enamored by Route 66, which will be brought subtly (or maybe not so subtly) into the design.

Also I’ve decided to name the concept at Love Field Sky Canyon and will also be doing a Sky Canyon Wine Bar at DFW – terminal D with Gina Puente in June.

UPDATE: Opening dates: Sky Canyon Wine Bar – DFW – June, 2012. Stampede 66 – Late July/Early August , 2012. Sky Canyon – Love Field – April 2013