Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Impressive Birthday Cake in Dallas

She wants Doughmonkey but she can’t have it. Hear her plea:

I wondered if you might be able to assist. The last time I bought a really fancy birthday cake was when Doughmonkey in Snider Plaza still existed. I remember it fondly: a shocking turquoise dome with a Curacao liqueur glaze and orange chocolate filling. It was a great bargain at under $50 too. Now I find myself in need of an impressive cake again, but don’t know where to look. I am not in the market for a trompe l’oeil sculpture smothered in fondant, just a really delicious but fancy and beautiful cake, preferably under $50 or so. Any ideas?


  • Dubious Brother

    Henk’s behind Half Price Books on Northwest Highway – tell them what you want, they will make it.

  • Amy S

    Cuatro Leches (4 Creams) Cake at La Duni.

  • tom

    Now you know why Doughmonkey went broke. Delicious but fancy and beautiful preferably under $50.00. Hmmmmm…………

  • KW

    Frosted Art has amazing pastry chefs…so creative and tasty, too!

  • Rosilind

    I would be happy to work with you for $50 just email me with details. My company is The Dough Bar you can find on FB.

  • R.S.

    Society Bakery on Greevville. You may have to go up to $60 or so, but it will be well worth it.

  • Nancy

    society bakery is DA BOMB

  • matt

    Dallas Affaires Cake Co. –

  • cbs

    As an aside does anyone know what happenned to It’s a Cake Thing? They were over in Addison area. I would love to track them down.

  • twinwillow

    I like Aston’s Bakery on Lovers Lane for great, old fashioned cakes.
    Nothing that’s going to look off the wall mind you. Just, great cake!

  • The Jenny Layne Bakery in Highland Village. Not sure if this on your path, but she’s amazing. The cakes are awesome (she did a three-tiered “Alice in Wonderland”-Mad Hatter themed cake for my birthday) and TASTE amazing, which is the best part. Pretty cakes occasionally sacrifice taste for beauty; not so with Jenny Layne Bakery. And they’re affordable.

  • Summer

    Check out The Cake Guys! They made my wedding and groom’s cakes, and they were both beautiful and delicious (the cakes, not the guys)!

  • PF

    Jackie Spratt Cakes, Frosted Art, and Dallas Affairs

    Not in the league of a blue dome with Curacao, you may like A&J, Eatzi’s, or Central Market bakery (Henry’s Chocolate Cake). . .

  • JJ

    Buttercream bakery in Plano had awesome cakes, but it looks like they have gone out of business! 🙁

  • I know someone who does this and their work is amazing. I’ve seen them make little sushi cakes etc. they look like works of art. However they don’t have a website but i have their email. contact me and i’ll pass it to you.

  • Ann

    Fancy Cakes by Lauren. – She’s won several of those cake contests on TV
    Don’t know about price, but I’ll bet they taste good, too.

  • Liz G.

    Stein’s in North Dallas or Jon at Mad Hatter’s on St. Paul downtown.

  • primi timpano

    Buli’s om Cedar Springs. The dark chocolate (not the one with mousse) is incredible. Probably need to order in advance to make sure you get a whole cake.

  • BL

    Try Panini Bakery in Preston Center. Super yummy cakes (under $50) always available, plus custom cakes when you call ahead. Real buttercream, mousses, fresh fruit, etc.

  • Werewolf of Frisco

    Elizabeth’s Cakes in Plano.