Somebody Help This Girl: Walnettos in Dallas

She rough and tough but clueless. Hear her worst-mother-of-the-year plea:

My kids no longer eat jelly beans and malted milk eggs, but I still want to create a nice Easter basket for them.  They love Walnettos, the old-fashion walnut chew.  Does anyone know where I can buy them in Dallas?  There’s no time to get them from my usual source, Vermont Country Store.


  • McDuff

    Is Bloom’s in Carrollton still around? If so, they will certainly have them.

  • it’s amazing what a google search can turn up. “walnettos dallas” top three results: #1 this blog post, #2 this blog post, #3 Bloom’s in Carrollton

    and it was in business a month ago (or so) when i stopped at Babe’s.

  • Jana

    Blooms Candy & Soda Pop Shop in downtown Carrollton on the Square. Super cute store with tons of nostalgic and retro candies, soda, gifts. You’ll find Walnettos and them some. 🙂