See’s Candies Opens Tomorrow at Stonebriar Mall

See's Candies storefront (photo by Carol Shih)

There are two things in life you can’t criticize, or you risk getting pounced: In-N-Out and See’s Candies. When I told this to my mother yesterday, she gently reminded me of the first time I’d ever had See’s Candies. I was six. My parents took my older brother and me to Las Vegas for Christmas Eve and left us in the hotel room for an hour while they donated money to slot machines. When they came back, they discovered us staring out the window with guilty chocolate smudges on our fingers and faces. We’d been watching the night sky – waiting like little children often do – to catch a glimpse of Santa’s sleigh, and we’d demolished a box of See’s between the two of us.

So, I get it. When you open a box of See’s, you open a box of nostalgia, and there’s something kind of sweet about all that.

Normandles, Scotchmallow, and Cafe Hazelnuts

Some of you commenters were right about one thing: This isn’t See’s first store in Texas. There were five or six before this, which have since closed thirty years ago. “We left Texas and decided to focus on California,” says Linda Reiche, the District Sales Manager from California. “We wanted to come back for quite awhile, and now we finally have.”

The See’s Candies store in Stonebriar Mall is exactly like the stores you’d find in California. Black-and-white shiny tiles dot the floor, boxed gifts line the left counter, and there’s a section to the right where you can create your own mix-and-match box from chocolates behind a glass counter. The favorites are all there – even the marzipan, Bordeaux, and Scotchmallow. Tropical Tango, a new flavor that one employee described to me as “powerful,” is also making its debut.

Tomorrow, See’s Candies will open its doors at 9:30 AM, and guests will be able to receive free goodies with their purchases.

“Now with a different President and our focus on expansion, we’re back,” says Linda. “And we’re happy to be back.”

Marketing Manager Natalie (left); New Tropical Tango flavor (right)