Savor Dallas: Arts District Stroll

Inside the Nasher Sculpture Center (photo by Kasumi Chow)

Friday afternoon, I jetted out of the office and walked right into Savor Dallas’ Arts District Stroll, which is exactly the same stroll I take every day on my way to the Arts District Parking Lot. So, Friday was basically no different except for one Ron Corning sighting in front of the Meyerson, a couple hundred women teetering in high heels along Flora Street with wine glasses in hand, and some tipsy people groping their dates while waiting in line for food. How lovely.

The weather was so beautiful that I spent most of my strolling time in the Nasher Sculpture Center because the scenery came straight out of a fairytale, and I’d determined – after a quick tour of the Meyerson and Winspear – that the concentration of food was highest here. This is where to get your money’s worth in terms of edibles. The party was quick to end after a mere two hours, and all 1500 people that attended dispersed quickly after 7 PM, probably rushing off to the next event at Kessler Theater where more sips and nibbles awaited them.


  • acrow

    Good event, but entirely too short at only 2hrs

  • Yep, should’ve lasted longer