Restaurant Closings: Sushi Axiom at Ilume and Gordo’s in Preston Center

According to a Disher in the know, employees of Sushi Axiom at the Ilume were told the restaurant will be closing tonight after service. Also, Gordo’s in Preston Center will close on May 5 to make room for another Black Eyed Pea location. The BEP will be next door to John Tesar’s Spoon Bar & Kitchen.

Gordo’s UPDATE: According to an email from George Bakhshmandi loyal customers:  “Our move to the wrong side of Preston Center at the wrong time of the economy was not a wise choice. Therefore, Gordo’s was victimized by the 2008 economic disaster.” He also hints they will be back.


  • Uppercase Matt

    Sushi Axiom – I noticed signage for a SA at Belt Line & Montfort, but that location isn’t on their website. I wonder if it’s replacing the Oak Lawn location.

  • Parkie

    Re: Gordo’s. I don’t think it’s the location or the economy. Try improving the food next time.
    Re: BEP. Too bad it won’t be something newer/fresher. It reminds me of Chili’s. A local landmark turned into corporate pablum. Maybe it will exceed my expectations.

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