Public Hearing Notice: The Future of the Dallas Farmers Market Will Be Discussed This Thursday

The efforts to privatize the Dallas Farmers Market have been futile and the city of Dallas’ efforts to energize the DFM have been quagmired in chaos. I’d love to see someone swoop in and make the DFM a destination for residents, framers, and visitors. However, the emergence of Phil Romano’s Trinity Groves project in West Dallas could be the final nail in the coffin of the Dallas Farmers Market if they don’t get their shiitakes together. Romano’s grand plan calls for vendors of all shapes and sizes and he and his partners have the backing to get it done.

Meanwhile, the debate on privatization of the Market and surrounding the Market with permanent housing continues. If you would like to show your support  the Dallas Farmers Market, you can join the Dallas Farmers Market Friends. They also  have a petition you can sign to try to influence city officials to consider other options for the housing solution. Their goal:

…is to present both sides of the story (via links on the website) so people can get a feel for everything going on. In the end, they’d love to have people speak out, sign the petition and hopefully convince city officials to alter their decision about the supportive housing. They’ve added links to the petition itself to the site, and have the links to both sides of the story there, as well.

There is a public hearing this Thursday. Do your homework here, decide which side you’re on, and show up at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library (1515 Young Street) on Thursday, April 5 at 6 PM.