Public Hearing Notice: The Future of the Dallas Farmers Market Will Be Discussed This Thursday

The efforts to privatize the Dallas Farmers Market have been futile and the city of Dallas’ efforts to energize the DFM have been quagmired in chaos. I’d love to see someone swoop in and make the DFM a destination for residents, framers, and visitors. However, the emergence of Phil Romano’s Trinity Groves project in West Dallas could be the final nail in the coffin of the Dallas Farmers Market if they don’t get their shiitakes together. Romano’s grand plan calls for vendors of all shapes and sizes and he and his partners have the backing to get it done.

Meanwhile, the debate on privatization of the Market and surrounding the Market with permanent housing continues. If you would like to show your support  the Dallas Farmers Market, you can join the Dallas Farmers Market Friends. They also  have a petition you can sign to try to influence city officials to consider other options for the housing solution. Their goal:

…is to present both sides of the story (via links on the website) so people can get a feel for everything going on. In the end, they’d love to have people speak out, sign the petition and hopefully convince city officials to alter their decision about the supportive housing. They’ve added links to the petition itself to the site, and have the links to both sides of the story there, as well.

There is a public hearing this Thursday. Do your homework here, decide which side you’re on, and show up at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library (1515 Young Street) on Thursday, April 5 at 6 PM.


  • Scagnetti

    If the Dallas Farmer’s Market had been a horse, it would’ve been shot a long time ago.

  • Maybe they need to get an ice cream shop that puts extra protein in the ice cream to make it healthier.

  • The Dallas Farmers Market Friends have created a petition to help support the preservation of the Dallas Farmers Market! Learn more and sign the petition by visiting or on Facebook at!

  • I would like for the majority of vendors to be local growers. The quality and price of much of the wholesale stuff is pretty iffy. You have to work hard to figure out what is what. California strawberries? where does the cauliflower come from? How is it different from the grocery store.

    I like the shed 2 services – like the knife sharpeners – they do something you can’t get many places.

    I would like the vendors to me more open about where their products come from. For example the eggs. Are they in any way different fom supermarket eggs? I have no clue.
    We go quite often in the summer to get tomatoes and some of the locally grown fruits/veges, but I would rather drive the extra distance and pay a little more and go to Coppell, Grapevine or one of the others.

    I do feel the DM is past its sell by date.

  • Christopher

    1) Putting The Bridge next to the Farmer’s Market was a terrible idea.
    2) It would great if vendors would embrace technologies like ( so they could accept credit/debit cards.

  • twinwillow

    The demise of the Dallas Farmers Market, especially Shed 2 would be a great detriment to our city.

  • Personally, I feel this is a detriment to the city and to me as a vendor in the market.

    Christopher an answer to your question on whether credit cards are accepted. Watkins’ All Natural Beef of which I am the owner accepts credit/debt cards. Wes our cousin handles our meat so we can care for the cattle at the ranch. Wes is missing his weekends with us!!! On occasion you will see us at the market. It’s usually in the summer as we are calving right now. Fall is busy with the fall calf crop being born. And winter is making sure enough hay is out for the cattle.

  • TR

    Although Phil Ramono’s project Trinity Groves is a fantastic project. Comparing West Dallas to Farmers Market is like comparing an apple to an orange. The Dallas Farmers Market is located within blocks ot the new convention hotel, arts district, city hall and the downtown central business district. Within walking distance for tourists and downtown residents. A true diamond in the rough with incredible historical value to capitalize on for the right developer or operator. Where West Dallas will take 20 + years to reach its potential. The Farmers Market neighborhood has more potential short term due to the location and historical value. If you look all over the country, Urban Farmers Markets are extremely successful. The demise of the Dallas Farmers Market is due to the city’s involvement and The Bridge homeless shelter. Remove the City, move The Bridge entrance to the South Side (away from the dallas farmers market entrance) and remove the current Bridge management and open door policies. The Farmers Market has incredible possibilities.
    Hope to see everyone at the Publice Meeting on Thursday, April 5th at 6pm.

  • I hope you are right, TR. However, money talks and historical significance walks. We need someone to buy the Farmers Market and turn it into something fabulous. I’ve seen the possibilities of the DFM for so long it hurts. I would love to see it shine. If I had the money it would be my first purchase. Well, after a helicopter.

  • twinwillow

    I’m afraid as usual, the big money developers will win this one for sure.

  • Amy S

    @twinwillow – In the 1930’s a competitor tried to open a “new” farmer’s market down in what is now the bowels of the Trinity River with big federal funding (reconstruction) and a big money (Oak Cliff) backer. Three years later it was being converted to a dog racing track. xoxo