New Wine Store Coming to Central and Walnut Hill in Dallas: Total Wine & More

Good heavens, Walnut Hill and Central is turning into Booze Row. Centennial has been on the corner for a long time and Spec’s, the ginaormous liquor and wine store, opened there in mid-December. This morning comes news that Total Wine & More will open in “early summer” just a few blocks down (or up) from Spec’s. (Note: They’re hiring!) This will be the chain’s first store in Texas and 80th overall location. Here is their claim:

“Total Wine will offer a greater selection of wines, spirits, and beer in its store than any retailer in Dallas.”

Yow. Zah. That’s ballsy. I guess we’ll wait and see. Oh wait, Co-Owner and President David Trone has something to say:

“Total Wine & More will offer a shopping experience unlike any other in Dallas. We feature wine from nearly every wine-growing region in the world, as well as a tremendous selection of spirits from every price range, and a diverse offering of beers, from America’s most popular beers to hard-to-find microbrews and imports.  I believe Dallas residents will be surprised and amazed when they first enter our store.”

Bring it, Hoss. We’ll be the judge. Say, how much Texas wine are you bringing?


  • 3rd Degree

    If this is the same Total Wine that also has stores in Arlington VA, I welcome this addition with open arms. Incredible selection of delicious beverages.

  • 3rd Degree, I’d love to have your insight on the store. I’ve never been in one. thanks.

  • Finn

    Nancy, they are a great wine store, with a gigantic selection. I’ve frequented the Total Wine in Las Vegas, as well as one in Florida, and both of those stores had a ridiculous selection of wines, covering pretty much all price points, from $7 to $700 bottles and more. Different set up than Spec’s, and I don’t think they are big on the food stuff like Spec’s is. With both of these companies now in D/FW it will be up to the long time local liquor stores to quit gouging their customers, and step up their games.

  • matt

    they are huge all over and will crush the competition here. watch out specs. i visit the store in ft lauderdale often. good stuff and the contraction of the industry will continue

  • twinwillow

    Hope they’re as good as the above folks say they are because personally, I’m not that crazy about Spec’s. I still prefer Costco for value and Goody-Goody for selection and service.

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