• robin

    The last time I was there, that place was full of white trash and strippers and reaked of sleeze. He’ll fit right in.

  • Dubious Brother

    Their first recomendation – Change name to Sneaky Costa’s.

  • S

    What a shame. I’ve always liked the atmosphere at Sneaky Pete’s (though not necessarily the food).

  • John Taffer

    I have enjoyed Sneaky Petes on three different occassions and was planning on returning. This news is concerns me and I don’t know if I will ever be able to take my picture with Captain Morgan again. I have been following the Costa articles and this does not represent our industry well. I would urge the Sneak Pete’s owners to seek alternative advice.


  • Shannon

    As a current employee, I can tell you that we are already on top of it… If you’d like to like to try n help, be creative and stop this!

  • played for a fool

    Because of The Office Grill disaster: 05/10/2012 Arraignment Hearing is being held for Costa. 05/14/2012 Jury Trial is scheduled. It is all public record
    He screws over everybody he comes into contact with! He is a true sociopath. We can only hope, THIS time karma has finally caught up with him.

  • B

    They better hurry and dump these two monkey’s they are about to get into the busy season. I’m sure they have already figured out how to empty the safe and by pass the alarm.

    Good lord really you have to be an idiot to hire these guys.. Come pull your head out it’s all over I mean everybody knows about this.

  • Yikes

    Put a camera in the bar. You can catch him drinking in the morning before anyone gets there

  • Hello

    Check the pos system, sure they know how to by pass and void sales

  • logan

    WHY??? Sneaky pete’s isn’t my kind of place, but i thought they did pretty well. Why would they feel the need to hire consultants…especially these two?

  • Mr.

    They will have a hard time trying to pull any of their usual stuff. They will have no access to any book keeping.
    Too many people have their eyes on them. Plus the local TABC agent has been informed of these 2 clowns and what they have done in the past. She will be keeping an eye on them.

  • B

    So all this being said why in the hell is Nick keeping them around.

  • Mr.

    Who knows?

  • Anon

    First off, you should not be posting your name if you work at Sneaky Pete’s. You’re only setting yourself up to get fired!! Second, both these guys have been hired on as managers, Costa being the new GM. It’s almost like the owner is purposefully trying to run the place into the ground.

  • BeerMonkey

    What happened to GM that was there? Obviously someone didn’t do their homework before doing business with this pathological crook and his cronie. Sounds like Costa has found another sucker.

  • Anon

    The owner knows. The staff has complained.

    He doesn’t care.