John Tesar to Open Spoon Bar & Kitchen in Preston Center, Take Two

Pregnant With Paperwork: John Tesar has a lease.

John Tesar will not be stopped. The former (fill-in-the-blank) chef has inked a deal to take over the former La Tramontana space on Westchester in Preston Center. In January, Tesar announced he would be opening Spoon Bar & Kitchen in another space. However, the landlord killed the deal and Tesar moved his operation down the street.  Tesar has a signed lease, architect, and contractor and is scheduled to begin later this week.

Spoon will seat 68 and feature a 15-seat bar with a built-in raw bar and small plate menu. Tesar will be center stage in an open kitchen whipping up “three unique dining experiences”:  an a la carte menu that will change weekly; two nightly tasting menus (one from the land and the other from the sea); and a private chef’s table for 10. Cooking classes! Wine maker dinners! Eight seats almost in the kitchen! He plans to open fall 2012. Bring it, Tesar! Let’s Spoon! According to JT’s PR machine: Spoon is “ranked number seven on Eater National’s “25 Most Awaited Restaurant Openings of 2012.”


  • Jerry Gavin

    That’s still not quite a fully executed lease. Notice the tabs and the check. That’s the one that goes back to the landlord before final execution. Close, but not final.

  • Jerry, the most awesome comment ever. Nice work.

  • Donkey McGruber

    Does he think the Preston Hollow and Highland Park crowds are gonna go for his gimmicky menus? Tip for ole’ John, don’t get too cutesy- your clientele is too smart for that.

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    The park cities has a strict anti-doosh policy. Sorry JT

  • shorttermattention

    Hope he last longer here than his other ventures…..