If Only I Could Stock My Imaginary Perfect Kitchen With These Goodies

Modern ceramic mug for $24 from shopterrain.com

Instead of, you know, working, I am doing some online shopping in secret. Except it doesn’t really count as ‘shopping’ when you know you can’t afford a set of natural Opinel knives for $88, does it?

This is all D Home’s doing. Ever since I got hooked onto their blog, I’ve been drooling over pretty photos of chairs and flowers and chandeliers, none of which I actually need. But now that my imagination is running wild with crazy redecorating ideas, the first place I want to start is in the kitchen. It’s where I spend a good chunk of my time eating and pretending to know how to cook.

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Ashwood cutting board for $32 at shopterrain.com (top); Natural Opinel knives for $88 at shopterrain.com (bottom)

Have you fallen in love as hard as I have? I am sitting here, swooning at my desk and scarily convincing myself that I really, really need these items. I mean, better tools do make for a better chef…


  • Sorry 😉 I’m a total home shopping enabler!