How to Survive Major Storms with a Jar of Peanut Butter

My best friend during tornado weather

I was in the middle of eating lunch when the tornado sirens went off, and the building manager shooed all of us into a dark, underground parking lot – the kind where Hercule Poirot would be solving a murder mystery. Who knew how long we would have to stay there? Good thing I was still holding onto my Ssahm hot dog and a bottle of water.

But, just in case WWIII ever breaks out or North Korea decides to attack Dallas, I always keep a jar of peanut butter in my house should the electricity fail me. Who cares if everything else rots? At least a trusty can of chunky Jif will last for awhile outside of a refrigerator. This non-perishable, high protein product is the Superman of all foods when it comes to crises, and it certainly never hurts to be prepared. Heaven knows I’m going to need it now as this stupid tornado heads toward my house in Carrollton. ^##[email protected][email protected]#%^%&*#[email protected]#@.

Grrreeeeeeaaaattt. And goodbye to the beautiful new fence and roof we just installed.