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Gas Station Tacos: Chupacabra’s on Ross Avenue

By Chris Baccus |

A wet Thursday afternoon made for the perfect day to find the much sought after chupacabra (not the mythical goat sucker). Instead, Chupacabra’s the taqueria found at the corner of Ross and Fitzhugh in Dallas.

It was a quiet afternoon with only the cashier and cook in the market.  There are several tables inside and a full menu of the typical taqueria options: tacos, tostadas, burritos, and tortas. Plus, there are several ice cream creations one can order too.

It would be shameful not ordering some cabrito (baby goat) at a place called Chupacabra, so I went with a couple goat tacos, some beef fajita, pastor (pork), and finally a chicken taco.

The homemade corn tortillas here are large and dipped in a decent amount of oil to refresh them before serving.  Perhaps they were out of containers the day I went as the salsa roja was served in a ziplock sandwich baggie along with a baggie of lime wedges.

Jump for the full meal.

Unfortunately, each taco only included a few pieces of chopped onion and barely any cilantro.

The cabrito was the best of the four meats I tried. It’s a bit fatty, but it has a good flavor and isn’t as chewy as some goat meat I’ve had.  The pastor, though, was very disappointing without much flavor and was done in a shredded pork style that lacked a rich flavor of so many pastor tacos found nearby.

My chicken taco was quite fatty too, as were the beef fajita tacos.  Nothing really impressive, except for the cabrito (and it was only impressive item since it is difficult to find a good goat taco).

It’s too bad Chupacabra’s was not as impressive as a recent Fitzhugh gas station taqueria find from a couple weeks ago (see my review for Andy’s Food Mart.)

If you are looking for a decent goat taco, Chupacabra’s is the place for you. Beyond that I’d choose some better options in the area.

Gas Station: Independent

Address:  4825 Ross Avenue  Dallas, TX 75204

Rating (2 out of 5 oil drops):