• Amy S

    The newly remodeled Bar & Book (simulcast building) at Lone Star Park. Wow. What a great place to hang out, drink and bet on horses. Comfy easy chairs are arranged around private tables and flat screen TV’s in small groupings. Very living room-esque. Get the brisket nachos. Heaping, delicious, with bbq sauce lightly squeezed over the top. Club salad was adequate, fresh, but a “where’s the chicken” moment compared to the nachos.

    And best of all, number 7 came from behind in the 3rd race, providing us with an exacta that paid $231.60 (which was donated to Genesis Women’s Shelter, yesterday).

  • twinwillow

    Last Saturday at Pecan Lodge. What can I say? The brisket melts in your mouth and the ribs can be eaten with a spoon!

    Off-Site Kitchen (twice). What great place! The food is amazingly good (best burger in Dallas!) as is also, the very helpful and accommodating staff. They don’t know how to say, “no, we can’t do it that way”.

    The Grape for a “first date” dinner. The braised breast of veal with demi-glace sauce on a bed of brown lentils with chanterelles. Like, butta!

    Nova. I always hate publicizing Nova. There’s already too many people that know about this little hidden gem. Potato skins stuffed with smoked salmon, bacon bits and creme fraiche. Fried burrata with some kind of berry chutney. Outstanding!

    And finally, we shared a (huge) braised lamb shank which although tasty,
    it needed another hour in a slow oven because it was a little tough and not “falling of the bone” as it should have.

  • twinwillow

    Sorry for the extra paragraph. The lamb shank was also at Nova.

  • Liz G.

    Sunday Brunch at Campo – don’t know where everyone else was, but they are missing out. The Johnny cakes were wonderful and each of our entrees – the Torta and two of the flatbreads – were incredibly good. We will happily drive from Plano for brunch here again.

  • DGirl

    I had the most vomitous dining experience in Dallas at Dodie’s Reef on Greenville. The crawfish were terrible – they had not been purged, obviously, because they smelled and tasted dirty, fishy and were full of bile and other crap. There was a dead fly embedded on a potato that came with the crawfish. Ghastly. When I brought it up to the waitress, she said, “it’s the window’s I swear.” Really? How about, “I’m terribly sorry and I’ll take it off your bill. Can I bring you something else?” My husband asked the waitress what an Abita Purple Haze beer is and she replied, “I don’t know, I’m only 19.” So he ordered one and when it eventually arrived, he found out it’s raspberry flavored. (someone would have told her that) So he told her he didn’t like it and she offered to get him another beer. But she didn’t remove the $5 Purple Haze from the bill. The service wasn’t good and the restaurant wasn’t full, the food was very sub-bar. The red beans and rice tasted like nothing, like a neutral tasting glop of nothing. And the crawfish were the worst. And the bill for 4 (two kids, one who only tried to eat a side of red beans and rice) was $125. You’ve got to fix that, Dodie. You’re giving cajun food a bad name with that restaurant.

  • Parkie

    DGirl, did you ask to speak to the manager about the problems? That’s the first thing I do.

  • acrow

    Tuesday dinner at Manuel’s Creative Cuisine (had a half-off coupon from Best Of Guide). Was one of the better meals I’ve had lately. Service was excellent (free amuse, palate cleanser and homade chocolates). My wife and I split the cacao and coffee crusted pork filet (incredibly tender without being fatty) and curry shrimp (one of the better, more complex curries I’ve had). I hope this place starts getting more business, as they certainly deserve it.

    Roasted beets, bibb salad and Chicken Sausage Pizza at Fireside Pies was excellent as always.

    Birthday at Abacus. Buffalo tenderloin with truffle and potato puree was excellent (I just wanted more puree). Calamari appetizer was delicous and tender. Pea soup was great as well, but a little oversalted.

    Enchiladas de Huevo at Maximo were wonderful (I don’t know how they make their eggs so fluffy) and a steal at $7.

    Pulled Pork sandwich at Barley House was also quite good, and I think their fries are among the best in the city.

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  • Gristle

    Gave Carbone’s a shot for lunch. Was really up to try the spaghetti/meatballs, but didn’t realize they don’t serve pasta for lunch. Got a meatball hero and a Cuban and split each with a friend. The Cuban was quite good (very fresh ingredients), but the meatball hero really hit the spot. Almost as much as the housemade potato chips. Five bucks also gets you two smallish but very tasty cannoli. Very crispy pastry shell, and a nice pureed type of ricotta filling. Also a very pleasant, open atmosphere. Well worth trying in Park Cities, but remember…no pasta served till dinner.