• We went to Seasons 52 in Plano this week and I had the best tasting salmon in my life. The menu changes with the seasons, and the side menu changes weekly, thus making it 52 changes within the year. I’m not even kidding when I say this place is delicious. Maybe I’ve been deprived from good salmon or something, but this salmon was delicious. We started the evevning with the Artichoke-Stuffed Artichoke Leave with organic arugula, Parmesan cheese and balsamic glaze. It was delicious! I had the Strawberry Basil Fusion cocktail, which was also delicious. The strawberries withn the drink are soaked overnight in vodka, and mixed with agave nectar. Then came the salmon. It was served on a wood block, and the aroma was invigorating. It was served with asparagus and carrots, and made for the perfect healthy meal. Definitely going back!

  • acrow

    Dinner a Cru Wine bar (hadn’t been there for years, but they had a half off special). Started with the tuna tarate, which tasted good, but was a letdown given the very small amount of tuna. For the entree, my wife and I split the roasted chicken and the seafood pasta. Portions we a little on the small, but both were wonderful and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend Cru.

    Nosh on Wed. Hummus appetizer was great. Salmon entree with creamed corn was delicious, except that accompanying balsamic onions were a little too tart. Also ordered the duck breast, which used to be one of my favorites, but was not as good as I remembered.

  • KerryDP

    Zenna (West End)!!!! Great deals, great food, open late. Very consistent and there is a little of everything.

  • acrow

    Also, Seasons 52 is terrible

  • Jordan

    Made a trip to Smoke last Sunday – great meal. Not my first time there, but always enjoyable. My wife is in love with their cabrito, and I’m a fan of the pulled hog that they use on their brunch menu as well.

    Their drinks are getting better too – I hadn’t been impressed before, but their cocktail menu looks a lot better.

  • DBAll

    Baboush in West Village! Over and Over always delicious. Something different and Perfect for Sharing.

    Vino 100 – always a great stop for a few bottles of wine on a pretty night.

  • barry

    Neighborhood Night Monday at CampO Modern…

    Standouts: chorizo croquettes (crispy outside, light and savory inside); lemon pound cake w/ smoked huckleberry (sour, sweet, smokey, and the most pretty desert I can recall as of late); great conversation with fellow locals and staff.

  • Maude

    I went to the newly opened Carbone’s for lunch and it was amazing!!!

  • Kerry Smith

    Went to Ill Cane Rosso for lunch. I had not been there for lunch, but have been there for dinner multiple times. I tried the Cuban sandwich lunch special. For $10 I ate fried artichokes, salad, and a huge, delicious Cuban. Best lunch deal ever!

  • TLS

    Went to Roy’s for Prix Fix Monday. I’m not sure how many more Mondays they’re doing this deal but it is any appetizer, any entree, and any dessert for around $36. The food was excellent and the portions are regular size, not miniature as some places give you with deals like this. The restaurant was full so good on them for making a promotion work.

    Also, Seasons 52 is terrible.

  • Christopher

    Went to Driftwood with friends during their soft-opening Weekend: Great Meal! Got the “Naked Cowboy Oysters” with Champagne and Grapefruit Mignonette…delicious…and the Grilled Octopus…wow, the only tender octopus I’ve eaten in my life. Tried the “Duo of Rabbit”…and it was good, just not that much of a rabbit fan…the “Scallops”…super fresh but didn’t like the bitter greens with it. The star of our meal had to be the Ugly Pug-battered Merluzza (Fish n’ Chips) or the Octopus. Conspire to try both.

  • Beda

    If this were the description on the menu, would you assume (as I did) that it was a grilled chicken breast? Fowl Burger: arugula, pickled onions, provolone, tomato, side ($10). This is on the menu at Jonathon’s and I was oh so disappointed to get a chicken patty.

  • Golfnfashion

    Nosh for my birthday dinner last night. A good meal but a terrible beer selection. Seems like the type of place that could feature 2-3 interesting craft beers. Hopefully by my next visit, someone will have figured that out.

  • justafoodie

    Thairiffic (at Throckmortan and Cedar Springs) lived up to its name – it is terrific. Best Pad Thai I’ve had in Dallas, and its BYOB!

    Not impressed with Velvet Taco at all – $6.00 for a single taco (daily special), $3.50 for a corn elote, and $3.00 for an iced tea? Never again. At those prices, perhaps they should relocate to HPV. Give me Good to Go or gas station tacos any day!

  • Ellen

    Neighborhood Services; great food and service, with cool atmosphere!

  • Amy S


    Went with hubby and friends to Ft. Worth, catching the TRE in downtown Dallas and getting a sideshow along the way of a gazillion DPD officers and one runaway driver ($10 for roundtrip ticket each, plus $10 parking). Worth it.

    Walked 2 blocks to Main Street Art Fair (free) to listen to live jazz (free) and walk the booths. Then caught a cab ($17) to Woodshed (very reasonably priced) on the banks of the Trinity River, where wafted by a cool breeze (it is not air conditioned), and listening to live music, we ate some pretty amazing dishes. Not to miss: Acorn Squash with Tuaca and Brown Sugar, Bulgogi Beef Tacos, Grilled Fennel and Pear Salad, Pork Ribs (we ordered enough to take home, at only $10/lb). Loved it.

    On the ride back we had just enough time to play a full round of Quiddler on the train, ending soon enough to take in the Dallas skyline all lit up at night. Do it.

    And you folks over it Ft. Worth, we have lots of fun over here, too, ride the TRE and make a daycation of Dallas.

  • WD

    Finally went back to Bijoux to try the new menu concept and more relaxed service. Really liked the new menu with regular and small plate options….for me, such an improvement over their old menu concept. Didnt see Gina or Scott, but food was outstanding (as it always was). Wine list more diverse but still steep markup. It peeves me to see wines 300% over high-rent Pogos down the way, and we’re not even talking wholesale basis. In this, they have lots of company around town but I don’t like it and I buy down out of principle. Shrug.

    Also tried TuLu’s Gluten Free Bakery in Preston Center. Dry, dry, dry. And they didnt care. Far prefer Wholesome Foods Bakery in Lake Highlands inspite of the hike. Plus, they don’t use soy and corn in their flours.

  • LJT

    First Chinese BBQ in Richardson. Outsanding as always!

  • 1/2greek

    Dough for dinner the other night. Meh. Food was good but the service was slow and annoying. Also way too many kids. Note to parents, if the entire restaurant can hear your kid talking — it’s time for you tell to them to use their inside voice. I always enjoy sitting at the Burrata bar but when they are more little kids than adults at the counter, that’s a problem.

  • DGirl

    A Better Burger on Inwood and Lemmon is wonderful. It’s a small business and the owner was there last Saturday making sure everything was just right and it was! The burgers are so good, not dry, not too big, the meat is so fresh. The pretzel bun is awesome because it stands up to all the sauces you can choose to put on it. – the aioli is great. I’m partial to the sweet potato fries with chipotle ranch sauce which is crazy good. DDaughter gets the hand dipped shakes and she swears they’re the best. I think this is family owned and I can’t wait to go back. Great, great place. Support local businesses and eat a better burger.

  • Eagles

    Meddlesome Moth on Saturday with eight friends. Short wait, incredible service, delicious bone marrow, and off the charts craft beer! This is one of my new favorites.

    Vietnam Restaurant to go with the hubby. Sat at the bar while we waited on our pho; they oddly enough have a really good margarita on the rocks… You have to order it with fresh lime juice, tequila, agave nectar and NO orange but it is wonderful and cheap! Three extra large orders of pho, one order of spring rolls, two beers and two maragaritas, $48 plus tip; sounds like a great night in Dallas to me!

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