• alyb803

    Marquee Grill–not sure what we enjoyed more: cocktails, food, or service. Great evening. I had the venison, my husband had a snapper special. Rock shrimp bisque and oysters on half-shell to start and an outstanding rendition of the Pimm’s Cup.
    The Grape — LOVE the new April menu.

  • JB

    Sweet Tomatoes on Greenville. I would describe it as the Applebees of Souper Salads.

  • WD

    Went to Nana after a long absence and discovered why it must be closing.. lost in a fine dining time warp. I won’t miss it anymore than I miss Dynasty. And the expense account wine list? It’s clear that theyve never had locals in their demographic with 5x markup on a list of usual suspects, all geared for the traveling exec/consultant/etc. And I could have been at a dozen really interesting places instead (Oak anyone?).

    And then there was last night at Sushi Star. We keep trying these closer places that oyhers rave about. Serviceable, yes, but no Sushi Sake. Nor was Nobu a few days earlier. It had been about 6 mos since last visit to the latter (and a steady stream of visits to S.Sake instead). The difference was really stark this time…quality of Sashimi preparation (thick crudely sliced slabs) and just not-quite freshness. I’ve long liked Nobu here (mainly b/c 1 of few places offering New Style Sashimi), but won’t be tempted away from Sushi Sake again.

  • Liz G.

    Winewood in Grapevine. Wonderful meal with private rooms for larger groups. Our table of 10 thoroughly enjoyed everything from perfectly cooked steaks to salmon and crab cakes. Great wine selection that was not overpriced. Service was impeccable – even knowing the tip was going to be added to the bill. (So often, that is not the case!)

    Right now, sitting at The Free Man in Deep Ellum glad that we had a $20 discount on what they are trying to pass off as Cajun. The Sweet Potato Fries ARE good though.

    Been out of town for weekends, so looking forward to brunch in the morning at Oddfellows!

  • DGirl

    Oh lord. TJs Seafood is the best. I bought fresh mussels and prepared them at home – Jon gave me a great Thai recipe. And the smoked salmon dip. Jeezum Pete. Best ever.

  • todd

    I had the Green Chile Bacon Cheeseburger from Off-Site Kitchen on Monday. The bottom bun started falling apart on the second bite and scant green chile had a heat level less than mild. I really liked the flavor combo of the beef/Munster/bacon/caramelized onions. I’d definitely go back and try something else.

  • Liz G.

    Completely forgot to write about NOSH in Plano for Happy Hour on Wednesday night before sering The Hunger Games. (Eating like the Capital folks!) 1/2 price Nosh plates was a great way to garb something yummy and not eat the fried options at Studio Movie Grill. The

  • Mike Lindgren

    Baileys Prime Plus on Park Lane. Food was awesome. Bunch of rumors about big changes on the menu and the staff. I happened to see some items going to other tables that must have been specials that honestly looked too good to eat.

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