Driftwood Offers 50 Percent Off to Oak Cliff Residents

Freakin’ Oak Cliff. They think they are so much cooler than the rest of Dallas. I think it’s time they consider seceding from the city. Case in point: next Tuesday, April 24, Driftwood, the new seafood-centric spot on Davis, is offering 50% off the food tab for any resident of OC who can show up with proof. Here is the fine print for “Residents Day”:

We would like to show our thanks to the community. Tuesday the 24th of April will be Residents Day at Driftwood – All Oak Cliff Residents will receive 50% off ALL food for the night. You must make a reservation (reservations will ONLY be taken on Monday the 23rd from Noon – 2pm). This offer is good only for Oak Cliff residents – MUST provide an electric or water bill showing the 75208 zip code to receive the discount. Limited seating’s and times because we are so small.

I can only imagine what would happen if Marquee Grill hosted a “Residents Day” and only allowed customers with water bills stamped with 75205. Oh, wait. Everyday at Marquee is “Residents Day.” No proof required. Cool. Hey Driftwood, when is 75201 day?


  • LJT

    There are more zips in OC than just 75208. I’m in 75203, and Kessler Plaza is 75211.

  • Dear OC,

    We will be taking ALL of the OC zip codes:

    Thanks again for All the local support!

    Jonn Baudoin – Driftwood

  • Kessler Porker

    Thanks John – real neighborly of you. 🙂

  • Jeff

    How about a Drivers License with the zip code on it? Some of us here aren’t retro enough to get paper water or electric bills.

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  • Ingrid

    Is it a toddler friendly restaurant? Yeah and how about showing drivers license instead? Our bills are all online.

  • Lisa

    Awesome! Those oysters have been beckoning me. And I’m 75224, so was very glad to see the acknowledgement of zips other than 75208. I’ll be on the phone Monday!

  • Lisa

    I hope the writer of this was talking tongue in cheek. Otherwise she should keep her uptight ass in uptown. Just the kind of people we don’t want in OC.

  • PT

    And this is why I love my neighborhood!

  • Charles

    MUST provide an electric or water bill showing the 75208 zip code to receive the discount…..

    I do appreciate the attempt to include the rest of us, but this widespread zip code discrimination within what we used to think of as “Oak Cliff” is rampant and growing. I find myself driving to Cedar Hill more often to shop and dine primarily because of it.

    John, I do appreciate the effort to be inclusive, though, and I will drop by Driftwood in the next couple of weeks.

  • Dubious Brother

    @Lisa – Who is uptight?

  • Rebecca

    Oak Cliff rocks! And I fully intend on taking advantage of this deal! We’ve been there twice already and love it!
    There is no reason why our neighborhood shouldn’t be LOUD and PROUD about Oak Cliff! Thank you Driftwood for encouraging our community to eat within the community.

  • MsX

    I am so over Oak Cliff. Too hipper than thou.

  • Kat

    er….I dont think 75205 is in Oak Cliff.

  • Lisa, my ass is neither up or tight. All in fun.

  • 75208 resident

    Oak Cliff is cooler than the rest of Dallas…
    … and… if you’re over Oak Cliff mr MsX then you just don’t get it…

  • FOH

    Cool, 75219! That’s me in Oaklawn! @ Rebecca, we are LOUD and PROUD here too!!

  • Lisa

    @Nancy, sorry about that. It’s hard to tell the tone, especially when I haven’t read enough of your work. We in OC get such crap (just like the comment above “I am so over Oak Cliff. Too hipper than thou.”) Again, my apologies and I look forward to seeing you around our neighborhood!

  • Jeff

    @John, thanks for appreciating the neighborhood! I’m sorry people would take a kind offer and turn it into something negative.

    @Nancy – there’s nothing “in good fun” about your tone. All you’ve done is put an unfair spin on a new place’s honest attempt to promote their restaurant.

  • Jeff, sorry you see it that way. Certainly not my intent. I think the owners of Driftwood are with me on this.

  • Jake

    Some people can’t take a joke. Thanks for promoting the OC Nancy. I’m just happy that people actually think/joke that we think we are too cool.

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  • Jose

    Let’s face it. It’s not Oak Cliff. It’s North Oak Cliff. As far as the white hipsters are concerned, there is really only one part of Oak Cliff that counts, and that’s the small patch on the north side that includes Bishop Arts.
    This is beyond lame. How about just having a night where your food is reduced in price, instead of continuing the cliquishness that is so annoying about North Oak Cliff?