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Dallas Arts District Launches “Dining in the District” Mobile Site

In a partnership with DFW Metroplex Cadillac, the Dallas Arts District is launching a new mobile website on June 1. The “Dining in the District” site will feature monthly spotlights on chefs, new dishes, and a few surprises at the restaurants in and around the District. Whether you’re in town for a business lunch, a pre-show dinner and drink, or visiting family from out of town, the new Dine in the District mobile site will showcase all your nearby options. Users of the site will have the opportunity to learn more about what the Dallas Arts District has to offer and even be able benefit from some special deals.

The Dallas Arts District is not only the largest urban arts districts in the nation, but one of the most dynamic. The Dallas Arts District spans 68 acres and 19 contiguous blocks. We are a neighborhood – we are the performing and visual arts, high rise residences and contemporary office space, educational facilities and historic churches. See the works of some of the world’s most famous artists and architects, hear the sounds of history’s greatest composers, and taste some of Dallas’ finest cuisine. Visit us and find out what makes the Dallas Arts District uniquely Dallas.   www.thedallasartsdistrict.org