Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck is Heading to Dallas

photo from Coolhaus

My favorite ice cream truck that-I-have-never-actually-eaten-at is making its way to Dallas, just in time for the heat wave. I spent most of last summer in Austin staring at the elusive Coolhaus‘ website, cursing the Ice Cream Gods for never allowing my schedule to make room for a gourmet ice cream sandwich. Now it’s finally going to happen. I’m finally going to pair ginger molasses cookies (available in vegan) with fried chicken and waffles ice cream! (Don’t ask me why this appeals, but it does.)

Coolhaus also offers other funky flavors. There’s the ever-popular double chocolate chip with sea salt, oatmeal, red velvet, and potato chip & butterscotch cookies. Signature flavors like dirty mint chip and brown buttered candied bacon ice cream fill the middle between two soft cookies that have already made people in LA, Miami, NYC, and Austin swoon. Thank goodness Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, the young entrepreneurs behind this ice cream truck sensation, have decided on DFW as the fifth location for their expansion. I need something to help me survive the impending sweatfest that is summer.

Coolhaus’ debut party will be at Frisco StrEATS on April 28 from 3-7 PM. See the rest of you ice cream fanatics there??

[George’s update: The local CoolHaus Dallas Truck is being run through a partnership with CoolHaus and our favorite banh mi truck, Nammi Vietnamese. That brings the Nammi Empire of owners Teena Nguyen and Gary Torres up to 3 trucks: Nammi 1, Nammi 2, and Coolhaus.]