Carbone’s Fine Food & Wine to Open on April 17

The man of the hour: Julian Barsotti

Chef Julian Barsotti, the young wizard behind Nonna, is finally opening his new Italian-American deli/grocery store/restaurant at the northeast corner of Wycliff and Oak Lawn Ave. on Tuesday, April 17. Carbone’s Fine Food & Wine is partly inspired by his grandfather’s old shop in New Jersey, and partly fueled by a trip he took to Torrisi Italian Specialties in NYC, where an old school sandwich shop made Barsotti think about bringing a taste of that to Dallas.

First and foremost, Barsotti tells me, Carbone’s identity will be a restaurant. Sunday nights the shop will turn into a spot where people can get their Italian fix with a set-price menu starting at 5:30 PM. Six days a week, customers can order off the deli menu and get anything from homemade pasta (spaghetti bolognese, eggplant parmesan, porchetta, etc.) to one of the heroes (roast turkey, Italian combo, chicken parmesan, etc.). If they fall in love with the fresh cured salami in their sandwich or the dressing in their Caesar salad, well, that’s easy. Barsotti can point them to the products in the grocery store section of his shop, all of which are sourced from American makers with a couple exceptions.

“This whole thing is about Italian-American fusion and my personal expression of that,” says Barsotti, “We’re really celebrating America as opposed to products from Italy.”  In other words, Carbone’s is creatively different from most Italian-American specialty stores in that it focuses on American artisans, sourcing from them in every instance that it can’t make the food by hand in-house.

Barsotti wants to stick with this concept, but he’s not inflexible. He’ll never, of course, let this idea get in the way of deliciousness.

“My core business identity is to improve and evolve. We’ll see what works and let the customer dictate what we’ll do.”


  • can’t wait – what a great addition to an increasingly vibrant food neighborhood! we had an incredible meal at Nonna a few weeks ago. Carbone’s will be awesome.

  • The bonus here, of course, is that Barsotti could be Zachary Levi’s brother. My real hope is that Carbone’s is a delicious front for an underground, occasionally bumbling yet entirely awesome CIA operation.

  • Michael

    Cant wait!!!!!!

  • twinwillow

    Arthur Avenue come to Dallas’ Highland Park. Finally!

  • enyc

    This is a BLATANT rip off of Torrisi. WTF????

  • enyc

    This guy even took the name of one of the co-owners of Torrisi, Mario Carbone. I can’t even believe this.

  • @enyc – Carbone is actually a family name on Barsotti’s maternal side. And you can’t say it’s a rip off before you’ve even stepped foot inside the store.

  • enyc

    @carol – you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. This is the most audacious rip off I’ve ever seen, and I’ll be shocked if legal action isn’t taken.

  • lowsparkhigh

    @enyc – There are several points of difference from this and Torrisi. Their products are mostly imported from Italy…they have dinner service every night…lunch only Fri-Sun from 12-2pm…completely different interior finish. In fact, the only real similarities are that both are Italian and are run by talented local chefs! If you do some investigating, you will find that Carbone’s gets it’s name and primary influence from Julian’s great-grandfather’s restaurant and grocery store at 40th and Broadway, in New York, that was open for 19 years. It was named Carbone’s Fine Foods & Liqueurs. You can find a picture of Barsotti’s Grandfather in front of the store at Besides, he has clearly stated in several interviews that Torissi was an influence. If you think Torissi was the fist to do what it does, then you CLEARLY don’t know what you are talking about. There is nothing “original” about Torissi…it just happens to be a very well done place. BTW…I have never taken the time to write this much on any topic here, but your comments are not only incorrect…but mean-spirited. There is not a more genuine and friendly chef in Dallas than Barsotti. Why are you so offended???

  • @enyc, this deli is not a rip off. The store’s logo was inspired by the sign of his family’s restaurant on the East Coast. It opened in Manhattan before moving to Harrison, New Jersey. It was open for 75 years and closed in 1993. He has his family’s blessing.

  • twinwillow

    @enyc: You’re out of line, dude! Julian Barsotti has made a huge name for himself in Dallas without the need to copy Torrisi or, anyone! Carbone’s will be a great success! I live around the corner and look forward to patronizing Carbone’s frequently.