Avner Samuel Teams Up With Bailey’s Prime Plus

I’m on the phone chatting with Avner (Nosh Euro Bistro, Snack)  Samuel about his new gig at Bailey’s Prime Plus when the press release hits my inbox: “BAILEY’S PRIME PLUS TEAMS UP WITH LOCAL CELEBRITY CHEF AVNER SAMUEL” He’s been hired to take it from a steakhouse to a chef-driven restaurant.

“Dallas is saturated with steak houses,” Samuel said. “Jon [Stevens] and I were approached to do some consulting at Bailey’s at NorthPark. Obviously the restaurant has some culinary issues and I am starting an interim menu tonight.”

Under Samuel and Stevens direction, Bailey’s will feature lower-priced appetizers, salads, and seafood dishes. “They are dishes you don’t normally see in a steakhouse and are more family friendly. Especially the prices.” Samuel has moved chef Ryan (Lazare, Redfork) from Nosh over to be the chef at Bailey’s. Samuel and Stevens will be in the kitchen tonight and this week.

I asked Samuel how far the partnership with Bailey will go. Will Bailey put money into Avner’s company? Will Avner save the kitchen at The Chesterfield (apparently the kitchen staff walked out on Friday night)? “I really don’t know what’s happening there. I think it’s funny as hell. It [chefs walking out] happens all of the time I remember a similar fight at the Mansion 30 years ago. We’ll see how this goes. If I am asked to help I would consider it, but right now all I’ve been asked to do is NorthPark and so I am concentrating on NorthPark as a consultant. For now, it’s one thing at a time.”

Owner Ed Bailey has also hired Cristy Rather, Mark  Lindberg, and Ken Kuczwaj from Bob’s Steak and Chophouse. However, former Bob, Bob Sambol, is not involved with Bailey’s.


  • Dave

    When is Ed Bailey going to the realize that his business will never sucseed with Gary Van Gundy at the helm? Gary blames his own failure on all of his GM”s… Hasn’t Baileys Prime Plus gone through some 8 plus GM’s since they’ve opened? Thank God Gary is over seeing self ran Patrizio’s now – no room to fuck this one up!

  • Slappy Kielbasa

    Uh………..Gary has been with Bailey for some time now.

  • Slappy Kielbasa

    Dave, my remark wasn’t directed at you. It was in reference to the original post. How do we explain the perfect storm of the Patrizio’s kitchen crew in the Chesterfield kitchen with Gary overseeing it? Wow!

  • yuck

    Somebody call Gordon Ramsey and the Kitchen Nightmares crew… the hits just keep on coming, Ed Bailey just wrote a check to a guy who had to close down and re concept his own bloated, overpriced strip mall concept… and in return that Chef comes out and talks about the lack of direction at said concept that we r to believe he can fix in one week… not to mention bringing over a chef from too such ridiculously profitable concepts Lazare and Redfork… Then goes on to make a joke about the situation at another Bailey concept. Are you kidding me??? CLOSE IT DOWN… STOP WRITING CHECKS… Ed you and your never ending parade of yes men are clueless and need to just move on. This was a disaster from the start, beginning with laughable reviews and ridiculous menu choices Hopefully the Bob’s crew can teach you the magic of the Giant Carrot. LOL… Way to go out and get the best people from what is now a Hotel Chain Steakhouse, Old Dudes… Old Ideas… Soon to be OUT OF Business!!!

  • Mike

    I really wish Bailey would have stuck to McDonalds. I knew when he immediately ruined Patrizio’s that he was trouble.

  • humble host

    if there is any one truth that is clear it is that many small players are scapegoated for the top made choices. this is not the first attempt to redirect that company by throwing money at a problem. It is commonly known that they hire talent only to dismiss it when they get the initial bang for the buck leaving chaos in the loom with no one left to execute said plans.
    Any industry nube can recognize that without good product, good systems, and good people in place a restaurant will fail. It is like buying a racehorse and watching it pasture while wondering why that horse doesn’t compete. You have to take it to that level. They have not.
    The Bob’s crew play like big boys. It wouldn’t suprise anyone if this move ends this house of cards.

  • yuck

    almost a week of Ed Bailey drama posts… AND NOT A SINGLE POSITIVE COMMENT from anyone about anything this idiot is doing, not 1

  • liquid ninja

    That place is still there? U mean all the people buying cleats at Dick’s and trying on clothes at Ross….I mean Nordstroms Rack or picking out a sweet pair of cargo pants at Old Navy aren’t packing that place out? That just doesn’t make sense… 1987 called and they want their tired restaurant concepts and management staff in talking heads suits (google image it) back. Just saying…

  • Dog

    Nothing Positive???? How about the 5,000 plus jobs he’s created over the last 30 years in Dallas and elevating the fast food world

  • snootyfoodie

    Ryan can really cook. Surely you realize that a restaurant’s success and a chef’s talent don’t always go hand in hand. Been to Nosh when he’s behind the stove?

    The rest of your post is even more tired, played out and recycled and rehashed as the people, restaurants and concepts you’re making fun of. Eat more, post less.

  • Think “yuck” is a schmuck

    Ed Bailey was the largest franchisee in McDonald’s history (at the time). He was a very proficient and profitable operator bringing an upscale version to a fast food brand, created the “dollar menu” (still used today), and implemented ESL for the whole brand (still used today), and reshaped a then tired and flailing brand (talking about McDonalds).

    Avner Samuel is, by far, the best true talented Chef in Dallas, in Texas, and maybe in the whole Southwest (in dearest respect to the other Chef’s that help shape Texas’ “southwestern cuisine”) and Jon Stevens is a good partner to Avner to bring the youth and vibe necessary to stay on top.

    If the rest of the “haters” have nothing better to do than blog inexcusable insults from anonymous posts, without ever once stepping in behind the firing lines of the kitchen, please do so, but let the rest of the discerning public in Dallas/Ft Worth make up their own minds.

  • yuck

    Firstly McDonald’s and their plastic food containing addictive additives is disgusting and anyone involved in the proliferation of its products in anyway, especially the extra cheap access to massive doses of corn syrup and calorie overload i.e. $menu is a profit mongering socially irresponsible drag on our food production system that has enabled the plastic genetically mutated crap on fast food menus everywhere to dominate the food supply chain and destroy the American farmer as well as the overall negative drag on our health system due to obesity.
    And second snootyfoodie, I spend half of my time in a real restaurant city San Francisco, have eaten in restaurants in the last year headlined by many James Beard award winners, as well as the best of Wine Country, Portland, Chicago, New York, and Seattle so trust me unless you have been to French Laundry, Cyrus, Quince, Saison, A.Q, Manressa, Uchi, Micheal Mina, Mission Chinese, Delfina, Slanted Door, Flour & Water, DBGB, Babbo, Peasant, Schwa, Balckbird, Cuchon, Bayona, Herbsaint… Those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head… so trust me I have some understanding of a chefs role in a restaurant. And Avner Samuels is not even close to the best chef in this pond of a restaurant town, but my point was not to insult him but to point out that it was going to take far more than a week of “consulting” to fix Bailey’s Prime Plus…

  • Margo

    Both of these men are not nice people and do not respect women, I will not, nor will any of my friends, ever go to any establishments that these two men are apart of.

  • jonn dram

    This group will fall harder than that Disgusting excuse for a restaurant, Urban Bistro. Kenny is a crook and thief as well as Mark B. Lindberg. They will suck the life out of Ed and move on. 🙂 Cheers!

  • jonn dram

    I agree with Margo-I know all of them personally.

  • yuck

    WOW!! more positives, took a little stroll by the Chesterfield this afternoon, strangely enough there was nobody there??? Hmm. how strange… wonder why??? Great business strategy dipshits!!! I cant wait for the rest of the story…

  • Mike Lindgren

    It’s funny why haters, like those above, really think that anyone cares about their rants and raves.

    I would guess that almost to a tee, the haters above are former employees who under performed and were let go from Mr. Bailey’s company or Chef Avner or Chef Jon’s company.

    The bottom line in a restaurant is the quality of the food and service. I know personally, Chef Avner’s food is excellent and cutting edge. I wish him the best and look forward to needed improvements at Bailey’s and the much anticipated opening of Snack.

    As for me, I could care less about a couple of haters posting where almost no one is actually reading this anymore, except for me tonight after a long day in the courtroom.

    I happen to be a foodie waiting for my next great meal in a vibrant DFW dining scene. It only gets better every year.

  • Chesterfield

    All I know is Chesterfield is much better off (and rumored to be more profitable) since hack cook Ehlert left…

  • jc

    I’m not sure who is posting under the name chesterfield but it isn’t anyone from the chesterfield
    Mike ehlert is a great chef. He may not have been the right fit for the chesterfield at the time but you are going to hear good things coming out of his kitchen soon don’t bring a chef that left weeks before all of this happened into the mix
    And find out what a hack is before you throwing that word around

  • Tye

    Worked in the kitchen at Bailey’s for a year. Gary is an idiot and when I was there we went through 4 managers and 3 chefs. Known of the chefs liked him but they all got paid good so they were happy for the most part. Surprised they are still open to be honest.

  • Disgusted

    All the money and talent in the world will not repair Bailey’s Prime Plus or the Patrizio brands. As long as Edward C. Bailey and Gary Van Gundy are involved, they will flop around, trying to figure out what the hell they are doing. He should have kept his McDonalds franchise – oh wait, that’s right – McDonalds pushed him out! Why does no one remember the law suit?! Bottom line, Bailey and Van Gundy will go hire a new big name, then on a whim decide that big name has no talent and fire them like they have every one else. They are genuinely pathetic leaders and horrible businessmen. Gary Van Gundy has the least amount of talent I’ve ever seen in a multi-unit operator and he sure as hell isn’t a true company president. And Ed Bailey is a lunatic. You know why your brands are failing? BECAUSE NO ONE IN DALLAS LIKES YOU. I don’t care what successes their new consultants have had, they can not and will not be able to repair these brands. The egos at the top will not take advice. Why does D Magazine report on these two brands at all? Oh yeah, that’s right, because they only talk about paid advertisers. Hey D – get a clue – these brands are not worth mentioning anymore, no matter how many ad dollars you get from them. I personally can not wait to watch each and every Bailey’s and Patrizio restaurants close, ONE. BY. ONE. P.S. I’m quite sure that the one or two defenders on here are current employees, hired PR firm or family (or all of the above – Leigh Bailey).

  • Give me a break

    @ Dog
    5,000 Jobs created!!!? It doesn’t really count as job creation when he fires 4,999 of them! Give me a break! McDonalds pushed him out for a good reason. If he was such an amazing operator why would they have wanted to get rid of him and brought suit against him? This world will be a better place when he is gone.