Avner Samuel Teams Up With Bailey’s Prime Plus

I’m on the phone chatting with Avner (Nosh Euro Bistro, Snack)  Samuel about his new gig at Bailey’s Prime Plus when the press release hits my inbox: “BAILEY’S PRIME PLUS TEAMS UP WITH LOCAL CELEBRITY CHEF AVNER SAMUEL” He’s been hired to take it from a steakhouse to a chef-driven restaurant.

“Dallas is saturated with steak houses,” Samuel said. “Jon [Stevens] and I were approached to do some consulting at Bailey’s at NorthPark. Obviously the restaurant has some culinary issues and I am starting an interim menu tonight.”

Under Samuel and Stevens direction, Bailey’s will feature lower-priced appetizers, salads, and seafood dishes. “They are dishes you don’t normally see in a steakhouse and are more family friendly. Especially the prices.” Samuel has moved chef Ryan (Lazare, Redfork) from Nosh over to be the chef at Bailey’s. Samuel and Stevens will be in the kitchen tonight and this week.

I asked Samuel how far the partnership with Bailey will go. Will Bailey put money into Avner’s company? Will Avner save the kitchen at The Chesterfield (apparently the kitchen staff walked out on Friday night)? “I really don’t know what’s happening there. I think it’s funny as hell. It [chefs walking out] happens all of the time I remember a similar fight at the Mansion 30 years ago. We’ll see how this goes. If I am asked to help I would consider it, but right now all I’ve been asked to do is NorthPark and so I am concentrating on NorthPark as a consultant. For now, it’s one thing at a time.”

Owner Ed Bailey has also hired Cristy Rather, Mark  Lindberg, and Ken Kuczwaj from Bob’s Steak and Chophouse. However, former Bob, Bob Sambol, is not involved with Bailey’s.