Who’s your Pizza Daddy?

Coal Vines' pizza
Coal Vines' pizza with sliced tomatoes, mozz, and parmesan (photography by Micah Nunley)

Good morning. Did you wake up, brush your teeth, and throw on some clothes? Most importantly, did you vote for your favorite pizza place for our Readers’ Choice poll yet? If you’re dazzled by Jay Jerrier’s ability to run Cane Rosso and tweet, like, every ten seconds, or in awe of Urban Crust’s Salvatore Gisellu and his dough-throwing skills, show your avid support for whoever you think makes the best slice in Dallas by voting here.

Get your voting game face on. And repeat once a day until March 25.


  • Dgirl

    My fave will always be Louie’s. Cane Rosso makes an excellent pie as well but it’s hard to beat Louie’s.

  • JS

    Or vote for the best, Cavalli Pizza. Actually, that sounds pretty good — I guess I just picked out my dinner spot!