Who Meats Your BBQ Needs?

Lockhart's ribs (photo by Kevin Hunter Marple)

Imagine, for a minute, that you are the BBQ Snob leading Anthony Bourdain around the Big D. Where would you take him to get the best ‘cue? Who has the juiciest ribs and the best brisket? Honestly, which joint would change the No Reservations star’s opinion on the goodness of Texas barbeque?

We’re on Week Two of the Readers’ Choice poll for the Best Restaurants and Bars. Vote here once a day until March 23 to make Dallas a better restaurant city.


  • HB

    Pecan Lodge….yum….

  • JG

    Why in the heck are there no “pubs” or “Beer Bars” in this year’s list? However, special categories were created for Wine Bars and Wine List?

  • Jeff

    I’m pretty partial to Red Barn BBQ in Colleyville. The chopped brisket sandwiches are like heroin on a bun.

  • twinwillow

    +1 for Pecan Lodge and their fatty brisket.