What Restaurant or Cuisine Does Dallas Need?

Yes, it’s a slow news day but that doesn’t mean we can’t make some up. We spend a lot of time talking pros and cons of the cuisines available in Dallas so let’s put some effort into daydreaming about new ideas. If you could move one restaurant here, which one would it be? If you could bolster the profile of one cuisine, what would it be? I don’t know if you consider hot dogs a cuisine, but I’d love to see, for lack of a better term, gourmet hot dog and sausage restaurants with great beer lists and inventive side dishes and salads. Also, soup! Hot or cold. Okay, your turn. Go.


  • im

    Koo Koo Roo-easy and healthy..love the place. Wish they brought it here to Dallas.

  • irodguy

    In no specific order:

    Good German – We do have casual spots, but no really good German in DFW.

    Italian – Real North Eastern US Italian. Take a Boston restaurant and drop it into DFW.

    Jewish Deli – Yes we have some okay Deli food, but not New York real deli. I would also take Gandolfos opening a store front.

    Malaysian – Yes we had Blue Ginger Garden, we need them back!

    Indonesian – We need to be able to get Indonesian any day not just on special secret handshake days.

    We need Hog Island Oyster company. Yes it’s just a quick trip to SFO to get them, but need them here…

  • Stacy

    The Plant would be nice in a location with easy parking/no valet parking.

  • KW

    I’d like to see a Commander’s Palace sort of place…not just casual Cajun that we have at moment. And I agree, some healthy-minded places that aren’t too intimidating/out there to those putting their toes in the healthy water. Casual French might be nice too. It’s almost noon…I’m hungry.

  • TLS

    All-you-can-eat Crabs and spaghetti. With paper towel rolls and butcher paper on the tables. And pitchers of beer. And waitresses wearing regular clothes without their boobs hanging out.

  • MsX

    Ethiopian – high end

    Italian – more nice places like Nonna & Arcodoro Pomodoro

  • Randy

    Lotus of Siam? Slanted Door?

  • Ashley

    Cuban food please! (Ayesteran from Miami would be heavenly!)

    Oh and I agree with the crabs (and crawfish) just thrown down on butcher paper!

  • david

    i’d love to go to l.a., pick up versailles, and drop it somewhere in a convenient dallas location that shuns valet parking.

  • tb

    In a city this size, with the number of South Asians living here, can’t believe we don’t have better Indian restaurants.

  • m

    1. Seafood a la the east coast. Raw clams on the half shell, fried clam rolls, lobster rolls, chowder, etc.
    2. Peruvian

  • Gizzard

    A good jewish deli, east coast seafood, not catfish and tilapia. Central Tx. BBQ.

  • HPmom

    I agree- I would love a Commanders Palace type spot (we used to have a Brennan’s years ago) Or something with a New Orleans slant (NOT cajun fried food)

  • Stacy L.

    After growing up in California, we need someplace that serves great tri tip. NYC has the Tri Tip Grill…we should, too.

  • Olneyville NY System Weiners from RI or Weiner’s Circle from Chicago

  • heelsoftar

    Skyline Chili, Five Guys Burgers

  • Chris

    Modern Indian food like Indika in Houston. Thought Sutra might be the one, but hope that chef’s next venture goes better.

  • Jerome

    Someone said Versailles??? Holy uknowwhat…..Garlic onion roasted chicken, moro beans, & rice!!!!

  • Naked Pizza.

  • Randy

    Ohh, can I add Red Iguana in SLC to my list?

  • Mary

    Noodles at Co.
    Cheap and made-to-order noodles of every kind! I know it’s a chain, but I love!

  • Rebross

    Someplace that serves really good typhoon shelter crab.

  • Weekender

    Good Greek food!

  • irodguy

    Weekend have you tried Platia?

    @ Randy ; Yah Slanted door or Coco 500 aka modern Southern French.
    @ tb – The problem is that people are not willing to pay for really good Indian.
    @heelsoftar – Five guys are all over the place here. There are at least 6 locations that I can think of without trying. I also think that Mooyah is actually better overall. Not to mention the high end burger joints.

    A high end New Orleans style restaurant would be great. One of the problems with the Brennan’s was the required dress as compare to their pricepoint. Dallas never has liked force tie/sports coat kind of places, not over the log run anyhow.

  • Randy

    Interesting to see so many NOLA mentions. Something like Upperline would be fun here. On the Cajun side, I’d love to see the brother chefs from Vermillion get another shot in town.

  • Amy S
  • VM

    I wish Uchiko would suddenly appear in Lakewood. And yes on the high end New Orleans food, why hasn’t someone done that?

  • Bring Romagna Mia from Vegas to Dallas!

  • Nadia A

    David’s Cafe from Miami Beach http://www.davidscafe.com/
    Halfmoon Empanadas from Southbeach, Miami http://www.halfmoonempanadas.com/cont/

  • F.S. Brown


  • Aide

    A Ramen House would be nice to have in Dallas

  • Nadia A

    Shake Shack!

  • LJT

    Bring Susan Spicer to Big D and I’ll take any concept she has, but a Bayona-like place would be aces for me! C’mon Susan, you got family here!

  • acrow

    A good Kolache place. Colombian food (there are good, hole-in-the-wall places all over Houston). I’m sure I’ll get reamed for this, but I would love to have a ZTejas.

  • acrow

    Also, I wish they would open a Pita Pit (delicous, fast and super cheap. http://www.pitapitusa.com/home.php.

  • twinwillow

    @ irodguy: The type of oysters (kumamoto) grown by Hog Island Oyster Company are not allowed in the state of Texas. As is most all Pacific species of oysters. Believe me, I feel your pain!
    Regarding Gandolfo’s: They’re a franchise. So, there’s no reason why they couldn’t or, shouldn’t open a storefront. I guess Dallas gasoline (or diesel) is still cheaper than Dallas rent.

    @ Aide: What’s wrong with Shushiism in Carrollton or, Sapporo in Richardson? Both places make excellent Ramen noodles (and soups) on site.

    @ Chris: what’s wrong with Samar downtown on Ross Avenue?

  • Joe Abboud

    Inverse steakhouse.

  • Caro

    More delis where you can get a good sandwich, more good Italian restaurants like Nonna, more Asian good asian, not just halfway decent chinese and sushi restaurants – not necessarily high end, just good – there are some in richardson but we need more in main Dallas. More latin food like Cuban or Colombian – La Duni has deteriorated in quality over the years as they have opened multiple locations.

  • Randy

    Just remembered another one. Tartine in SF. Maybe without the crazy lines on the weekend, while we’re being greedy.

  • irodguy

    @twinwillow I an not necessarily speaking of the specific oysters at hog island, but the preparations. I would be happy with the same preparations with east coast or gulf oysters.

    Didn’t the current folks with the truck actually purchase the franchise rights? I though I remembered reading that?

  • irodguy

    To be specific on Coco 500 I just need somebody to do
    aq. the whole fish- siracusa roasted onions, oregano, chili, olive oil in a wood fired oven the way they do. It might be the best fish dish on the planet!

  • EB

    I agree with the ZTejas, unfortunately we had one and it didn’t last.

  • Kadie

    Bouchon Bakery! Hmm…doubt Thomas Keller will come here 🙁

  • Kgun

    we need a serious food hall, like Eataly in NYC, Todd English’s place at the Plaza NYC or The Ferry Building in SF. Or those great food halls/shops in Paris in the speciality store’s?

  • Anon

    1. Peruvian
    2. Downtown Dim-Sum

  • Rangers100

    Quality dim sum. The Richardson offerings are so mediocre and in ugly, unwalkable, strip mall areas.

  • mepy

    more vegan…more Spiral Diners; Mother’s Restaurant from Austin

  • Ellen Sackett

    Dim sum? I don’t know of a good place.

  • Emily

    Karne Girabaldi (out of Guadalajara) would be awesome. Good, fast, fun

    A lot of the “ethnic” options y’all are requesting above can be found in Carrollton. FYI 🙂

  • Jane Alifa

    What inspirational stuff indeed so far for some one! The Richardson helping are so ordinary and in ugly, unusable, strip mall areas which is good. Thanks mate! http://www.exploreivy.com/

  • Shane

    In no specific order:

    First and foremost Dallas needs to declare a specific cuisine we can all agree on as our own.

    Second we need Franklin Barbeque….we don’t need any imitators.

    We need more farm to table restaurants. Take your pick of the best ones everyone else has several but not Dallas.

    Houston has one now Dallas needs an Uchiko

    Since we have a whole week/two week celebration devoted to the Hatch chile how about some love from a New Mexican restaurant?

    Good Pakistani like Sabri Nihari in Chicago.

    Good Chinese….like Din Tai Fung, Sea Harbour, CBS Seafood, JJ Bakery, JTYH Restaurant all of which are in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles

    Bambu is getting there but places like Lotus of Siam (Las Vegas) and Pok Pok (Portland) would be nice on the Thai front. We need more Asian restaurants to push the boundaries.

    We have a good deal of decent Indian places but we need some regional specific ones i.e. (Andhra, Tamil, Keralite, Chettinad, Gujarati, Rajasthani, etc)

    Great Jewish Deli like Katz but even better would be Kenny and Zuke’s from Portland

    A place that can make a consistent and decent bagel and that you don’t have to drive halfway across the metroplex for.

    A Czech restaurant….we have a lot of decendants in Texas and German food is jut not the same

    Fillipino food since the small places that keep opening up keep closing, one with a awesome pancit palabok would be ideal.

    A rotisserie restaurant with great beer and great sides too…Brasa from Minneapolis comes to mind or Rotisseries Romados in Montreal

    Fun places like The Gorbals, Animal, and Red Medicine in Los Angeles; Girl and Goat in Chicago, the list could go on an on.

  • Franchino

    A solid 24 hour diner, like the Tick Tock in northern NJ. Denny’s doesn’t cut it.

    A reasonably priced northern Italian trattoria. Modo Mio was great way back when, but as I recall it was a little expensive. I’m not sure of Romagna Mia’s pricing, maybe that would work.

    Regional Spanish. And Greek. And German.

  • A real Texas Chili parlor, like the original Tolbert’s in the 1980s.

    Heck even the restaurant Chili’s doesn’t serve chili anymore.

  • james

    we need more Mongolian BBQ – Genghis simply doesn’t cut it.

    We could also use better Delis

  • Kristin

    Grammercy Tavern from NYC…their cocktails down to dessert are immaculate. Topolobampo from Chicago…. Rick Bayless is amazing. He takes authentic Mexican cuisine to a new level. The French Laundry in Napa is absolute perfection.

  • Jo Bennett

    Wow!What no sweet addicts in our area?A place to get really fine pastries,cordials,appertifs and coffees and outstanding desserts.And truly fine Chinese cuisine…and I don’t mean PF Chaings.

  • The Janitor

    Magnolia Bakery – the one and only.

  • hypahypo

    A dessert place like Finale in Boston, that you can go to after dinner