Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery Opens in Dallas

Tully Lewis, owner of Tu-Lu's Bakery

“I’ve always wanted to move back to Dallas ever since (going to) SMU,” says Tully Lewis, owner of Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery. Today, Lewis opens her first store in Dallas after enjoying success in New York City for the last two years. (For instance, the ladies and gents of Vogue loved her sweets so much, they admitted their latest obsession with gluten-free goods in this February article.)

Jump for eye candy.

It’s been 3.5 years since Lewis first discovered she was gluten intolerant, and that diagnosis led her on a baking quest that’s now turned into a celiac-friendly business. Her second store is a pink pom-pom of colorful, girly decorations that she claims is 50% bigger than the one in Manhattan. There’s even enough room for customers to sit, eat, and chat. “Technically, we’re not supposed to have people (dine) because of the rules here,” says Tully, “but we can if it’s for ‘consultation.'”

Tu-Lu’s uses Bob’s Red Mill flour (a trusty gluten free source) to bake her cookies, pumpkin bread, coffee cake, and cupcakes. Brides can order their wedding cakes here, and anybody can stop by for lunch to grab a panini with homemade sandwich bread.

“So, what don’t you make at this store?” I ask Tully at one point.

She laughs and reminds me that she even makes her own granola that sells in the storefront.

Celiacs have good reason to rejoice on this day. I tried one of Tully’s blueberry muffins (with whole blueberries!) this morning, and I couldn’t stop picking at the leftover crumbs. Tu-Lu’s soft cookies and fudge-y brownies will make you forget you’re eating allergy-friendly food. I have a feeling this bakery is going to be a big hit pretty soon, and all of Dallas will come flocking.

Welcome home, Tully. We’re glad to have you back.