Thursday Fun: What is the Perfect Name for a Dallas Beer?

Last night, a beer-making man asked me for my opinion. He wanted me to listen to some of the names he is workshopping for a Dallas-brewed beer. I told him I get paid for my opinions. (In truth, all of his ideas were moronic and demanding payment for my golden ideas was an easy way out of stating the obvious.) After we hung up, I thought of you. All of you who are so devilish and clever. He should consider himself lucky I’m tossing his question out there for all of you to answer. Do it. I swear if he uses any of them, I will get paid. For you, of course. Go.


  • JB

    “Gridiron Beer”. And he needs to brew a “Big Haired Blonde” ale.

  • Amy S

    Van Grinderbeck.

    From the Dallas Morning News, 1/25/1891, “Old French Colony. Story of Its Foundation Near Dallas in 1855.” a recounting of the failed utopian La Reunion Settlement on the Trinity River:

    “Mr. Van Grinderbeck, who was one of the original colonists, returned to his home in Belgium when the dispersion took place. Mr. Van Grinderbeck was a great friend of Mr. Louckx, they having been reared in the same town. To Mr. Van Grinderbeck belongs the honor of having put in the first brewery plant at Dallas. He established his brewery in a house on the corner of Wood and Market. He made good bear [sic], too, according to Mr. Louckx.”

  • Amy S

    History+beer worked for Samuel Adams, I’m just saying.

  • Jack Mac