The Hole Thing: The Latest in Donut Decadence

(photo by Regina Peterman)

I’m not at all ashamed to profess my love for donuts.  Some may label these decadent morsels of fried dough a “guilty pleasure,” but when I sink my eager teeth into the perfect donut, I feel no guilt at all, simply a euphoric rush of gustatory satisfaction which no other breakfast pastry can provide.  Last year, I presented my list of the Best Donuts in Dallas, but since that time, we’ve seen some notable changes on the Dallas donut frontier.  The beloved Hypnotic Donuts traded in their inconspicuous habitation of a pizza joint in North Dallas for a vibrant new shop in East Dallas.  Other donut shops, such as Pookie’s Donuts on Lemmon Ave, who donut bombed D Magazine a few weeks ago, and Denton Square Donuts who I visited previously, are also getting in on the donut love currently wafting through the air around Dallas.

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Banana Pudding Donut (Photo by Regina Peterman)

And now the latest in the world of donut indulgence comes to us from Forney, TX, a tiny town just east of Mesquite.  Not a place I normally travel to, but for exceptional donuts, my stomach and gas tank know no bounds.  I was first turned onto The Hole Thing by the diligent blogger, the walking sweet-tooth, Jayme Campbell of Confection Confessions, one of the few people I know whose love for donuts rivals my own. And so it was that early last Saturday morning, I made the mini-road trip to Forney, to see if The Hole Thing could stack up to some of the donut joints in my regular rotation.

(Photo by Regina Peterman)

Navigating Forney, despite its small size can be incredibly annoying, especially with construction filled roads, a smartphone Google Map on the fritz, and naught but a lousy Facebook map pin to point me in the right direction.  But by the grace of the donut gods and my keen sense of donut-trained olfaction, I pulled into The Hole Thing by 7:30 AM, plenty of time to get my hands on the good stuff.

The Hole Thing starts where most donut shops do, offering the standard array of plain glazed, chocolate glazed, old fashioned sour cream, etc.  But they are assuredly amping things up a bit with their wide assortment of novelty and specialty items, and they are going well beyond the now nearly ubiquitous maple and bacon bar.  I skipped the plain and opted for the unusual to see what this place really had to offer.  Luckily, I was more than pleased in my selections.

(Photo by Regina Peterman)
Blueberry Fritter (Photo by Regina Peterman)

Among the most memorable items was from their line of “pie-based” donuts including blueberry cream frosted with blueberry pie filling, banana cream pie topped with crunchy banana chips, apple pie with chopped apples, vanilla and cinnamon crumb, lemon cream pie, key lime, and coconut cream. Other showstoppers include the wonderful banana pudding filled donut with wafer cookie crumble and banana chips, the piña colada donut with pineapple, whipped cream and coconut and the pineapple upside-down cake donut with a sweet brown sugar glaze, and (gasp!) a red velvet donut with chocolate drizzle.  As a huge supporter of fritters, I was ecstatic to see their work with these giants among donuts, with blueberry, apple, banana honey glazed, and a banana chocolate chip with peanut butter and chocolate fudge drizzle.

Coconut Cream, Blueberry Cream, and Key Lime Donuts (Photo by Regina Peterman)

Trust me, the options do not stop there. Candy bars, cookies, and cereals find their way onto many of The Hole Thing’s offerings. In addition to donuts, they are running a line of barbecue pockets including chopped brisket filled rolls and smoked pulled pork filled rolls, as well as cinnamon rolls, whoopie pies, and muffins.

I asked co-owner, Katie Vrana, what kind of things they had in mind for the future and among other ideas are a “donut bread pudding with bourbon caramel sauce,” and with the approach of summer they plan on incorporating peaches and berries from a local orchard and berry farm. Drooling yet?

Red Velvet Cake Donut (Photo by Regina Peterman)

The Hole Thing is headed by a trio of women, sisters Katie Vrana and Stephanie Winther, and their niece, Jennifer Thrash. They eventually brought on Scott Martin as head baker, a 15-year bakery veteran from Rhode Island who brought his experience to the team to ensure that what they produce at The Hole Thing is more than the text-book, just-add-water donut mix offerings which plague many run-of-the-mill donut joints around town. For only being open since early December 2011, they are already building a loyal following.  No surprise though, as attention to quality, creativity, and a little risk-taking often pays off in this town. I look forward to great things from these people.

The Hole Thing

571 S. FM 548 Ste 128

Forney, TX

(972) 564-4653

Blueberry Cream Donut (Photo by Regina Peterman)
(Photo by Regina Peterman)


  • Nate

    I have been coming here since they opened and they’ve earned my wife and I as life-long customers! I have not been disappointed by anything yet and I always try something new when I come in. I highly recommend making the trip to “THT” as we call it, you will not be dissappointed. The road construction is a bit confusing, but ultimately will make travel around the town easier, and worth the little bit of extra wait for these donuts. I highly recommend trying the coffee shop 2 doors down from them also while you are visiting!

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  • Brian

    Great place! And awesome donuts. And it’s not that far away – 20 minutes from Dallas! Try the Maple Bacon Bar. Sounds wierd, but – oh mama! – it’s sinful!

  • LaTresa

    The Hole Thing is literally around the corner from my neighborhood. I amazed by the wonderful ideas they come up with and the results. I’ve not had a donut I didn’t like or could even say “it was alright” about. They have all been amazing!!!! I can’t name a favorite!! The one thing that has been left out of the comments and wasn’t real clear in the article is how amazing the staff and owner are. The customer service is OUTSTANDING!! I recently had surgery and follow The Hole Thing faithfully on Facebook (you have to check them out of Facebook) to see what new thing they’ve come up with and when I said I was craving one, she said she’d bring it out to the car for me since I wasn’t about to get around real well!! How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and she’s also done birthday parties and other parties. How cool is a kids party with DONUTS!!!!!!! Again, I’m amazed at what they’ve been able to do with the donut!!! You have to check them out!

  • Wendy

    So glad to have this fabulous place in my neck of the woods!

  • Lola

    These donuts are the best!! Great service too.

  • Katie M.

    Awesome photos!

  • donutlove

    so I’m assuming these are healthy, right? ahh these look incredible.