Taco Trail Guides the First Walking Taco Tour through Dallas

Little taco ducklings

Last weekend was rainy, wet, and gross. But did that stop the nine of us from dropping out of José Ralat-Maldonado’s (aka Taco Trail) first-ever Taco Tour? Nope. Gloomy Texas weather could not prevent the consumption of glorious, glorious tacos.

If you could measure taco obsession on a scale from 1 to 10, I would be a 7. Maybe a 10 when Cinco de Mayo rolls around. José ranks a solid 12 every day. (I once asked him if he ever gets tired of eating tacos. His answer was “no.”) It is little wonder, then, that he became the tour guide to a band of misfits united by a common love for all things taco. José gathered us little taco ducklings at 11 AM outside La Banqueta, a hole-in-the-wall taqueria that gives you free suadero (cow breast) tacos if it’s your first time visiting, for our first stop.

Jump for a guide to Dallas tacos.

Two suaderos and one cabeza

First stop: Tacos La Banqueta (formerly known as Tacos El Guero)
What I ordered (per Taco Trail’s suggestion): two suaderos and one cabeza
Verdict: Not that much room to sit. It’s a stuff-your-face-and-go place. Loved the charred edges and soggy middle of the suadero meat. So glad this place made it onto Serious Eat’s sweet 16 taco bracket.
Price: Only spent $2.70

Cabrito taco

Second stop: Chupacabra’s Restaurant & Buy Low Food
What I ordered: one cabrito (goat) taco
Verdict: Tortillas here are better than La Banqueta’s. They make them fresh at their other shop, Enrique’s Cafe on Buckner. You can sit inside this old gas station surrounded by mini mart shelves and try to pretend that the TV above your head is not playing a weird channel.
Price: I spent less $5 on a taco + drink.

Avocado, egg, and chorizo burrito

Third stop: La Victoria
What I ordered: Chorizo, egg, and avocado burrito (I realize this isn’t a taco, but I couldn’t help venturing into burrito territory.)
Verdict: The fresh slices of avocado, fluffy egg, and chorizo held nicely together, which is a big deal for me because I am the world’s messiest eater. I can eat a slice of pizza and make it look like road kill. It says a lot when I finish a burrito with zero crumbs on my fingers. (I don’t think Jose was too happy with his tacos, though.)
Price: Less than $4 for one very big burrito.

If  you have taco envy right now, worry not. Jose’s going to host another Taco Tour on April 7. Hopefully, the weather will be better. He has 15 precious spots open, and he’ll be leading you through Oak Cliff by foot. Get excitedddd.