• Dough makes a challah bread from scratch and we use it for our Nutella Paninos.

  • Nancy, you’re better than this. This post isn’t titled “Challah At Ya Girl”?

    Highland Park Bakery 3125 Ross Ave. but i’m not sure if they sell to the public. i was once told they made the challah for many of the retail bakeries that had the most popular challah in town.
    (214) 330-7097

    so i’m not giving you an answer, more like a lead. if they don’t sell retail they can tell you who sells their challah.

  • Iris McCallister

    Natalie’s in North Dallas all the way…the raisin one is amazing but they usually are sold out of ahead and place order.

  • Yep, I agree w/ Iris…also, if she’s looking for easy-peasy, Whole Foods!

  • Pizza Girl

    Whole Foods has the best hands down.

  • twinwillow

    Not in any particular order……….

    Empire Bakery
    Tom Thumb Preston Forest

  • bmk

    I also second Whole Foods. They also make it in house at Cyndi’s.

  • PF

    Empire is good, but it has seeds on the top (which aren’t so good if you want to make French Toast from challah).
    Whole Foods can be very good, but don’t buy it pre-sliced.

  • We use Empire Baking Company’s Challah for our french and really love it. I’m no expert on the other options around town, but I imagine anyone would be pleased with Empire’s. Also, @PF you must be getting a certain variety with seeds. The type we buy has no seeds. Empire has a lot of options. I think we tasted 4-5 different varieties of wheat before we chose the Hippie Health. Which is amazing, by the way..Different publication, but I have to thank Hanna Raskin for pushing me to upgrade our breads quicker than I might have otherwise.

  • Jack

    State and Allen in uptown has delicious sourdough challah hamburger buns.

  • Parkie

    I love Empires’s bread, except the challah. It’s too soft, too flat, and has no depth of flavor. Although I haven’t tried every bakery, I might add good challah to the list of things that are hard to find in Dallas. Surprisingly, Einsteins has tasty challah rolls, although they cost too much.

  • KG

    Cindi’s Deli on Central & Northaven

  • Tyler Luu

    Milk and Honey off of Coit in Plano makes fresh Challah. Great little kosher market and cafe