Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Braised Short Ribs in Dallas

She’s having a birthday and wants what she can’t find.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I ate at Horne & Dekker. I ordered the braised short ribs with Gouda grits and buttery biscuits, which my boyfriend declared “the best meal in Dallas.” This Friday is his birthday, and I had originally planned to take him back there, but as you know, the restaurant has since closed. So, I’m looking for a great place that serves something similar (or the recipe from Horne & Dekker!).


  • Margaret

    I just had some short ribs at Sissy’s Southern Kitchen last night— well, to be honest, and last Thursday too. They were tender and so wonderful. I would have to look at the menu again but I think they were braised?

    Just make reservations soon if you are planning on going- they seem to be booking up quickly.

  • irodguy

    A few suggestions
    The porch has their version of short ribs. Interesting take.
    If you don’t mind something up north has very nice short ribs.

    Or the other outside answer is why don’t you make some for him? Short rib preparation is easy, you just need to cook it longer than you would ever expect. Generally your do the prep work and then stick in the oven for around 4 hours.

  • sherman

    For his birthday you need to step up your game.
    Go to Smoke and order him the Big Rib. It’s beef and it is an awesome thing.
    Served with a hominy, grits like casserole.
    Here’s the photo

  • Honcho

    NOSH and Fearing’s both have wonderful short ribs.

  • Carpe Diem

    Seems like Sissy’s PR department is hard at work from the statement above. Screen Door has some great braised short ribs.

  • JB

    I had some at Campo earlier this year that I am still craving. Short ribs with raisin chutney.

  • JP

    Hibiscus has a wonderful short rib dish as well.

  • Gipson

    Sherman is right that the Big Rib at Smoke is excellent, but in my experience it’s a little chewier than your average braised short rib dish. Excellent, but it doesn’t satisfy the same craving (IMO).

    Nosh has a terrific short rib, and if they’re still serving it, the Neighborhood Services trio turns out a good one as well. I’d check menus before going to NS though. They change often.

  • El_Matarife

    The Commissary has an excellent braised shortrib sandwich with collard greens and mayo on brioche.

  • El_Matarife

    Also why not just buy him some sort of sous vide setup so you two can start making your own 72 hour shortribs? He’d probably get down on his knees and propose then and there.

  • KG

    NOSH has the best short ribs!

  • Margaret

    I know there are other places that have great short ribs- but like I said I just ate there last night so they were fresh on my mind. Nosh has the espresso rubbed ones too that great.

    I have nothing to do with Sissy’s- work, PR or anything – I just ate there. Sorry I stepped on some toes with my comment.

  • B

    I would put Mercury’s 48 hour sous vide short ribs up against anyones. I have never had better.

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  • bmk

    Craft has the best short ribs I have ever had.

  • David

    All Good Cafe in Deep Ellum. Game over. Get ’em without a fork, cause you won’t need it anyway. Get ’em served with fresh vegetables from the Farmer’s Market. Get ’em on Tuesday’s when everything is 2-for-1. Get ’em for lunch or dinner. Just get ’em.

  • At Abacus you can try the Braised Wagyu Beef Short Rib, Grilled Scallion Cornbread, , Mirliton Slaw, Sorghum BBQ Sauce. Yummy!!!