Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Texas Gulf Oysters in Dallas

An artsy-fartsy reader wants to know where to go to eat oysters. I can’t help him. Hear his plea:

Just got Rob Walsh’s new book, Texas Eats, and I have a hankering for oysters. Who does them well in town? I’m just looking for a place that we know sources them from the Texas gulf (unless everyone does). Heck, maybe even if anyone does barbecue oysters or something interesting.


  • Amy S

    From A Place Called Dallas, by A.C.Green (1975, published by the Dallas County Heritage Society, Inc, regarding Dallas cuisine at the close of the 1800’s: “The Southern Pacific ran a daily express train from the Gulf coast to Dallas, which was nicknamed the ‘Oyster Special,’ its main cargo being barrels of fresh oysters iced, to be consumed by Dallas gourmets.”

  • Olden Dude

    S.& D. Oyster Co. on McKinney. New Orleans style. Since 1976. Always worked for me.

  • JB

    The last time I was there the waiter got irritated with me, in friendly way, for even asking if they were farm raised.

  • M Streeter

    Fish City Grill (Alas, the Henderson location is closed). Pappadeaux’s has a Wednesday night special on gulf oyster, too.

  • twinwillow

    @ M Streeter: The Pappadeaux’s oyster special is $4.99 a dozen on Thursdays after 5:00 PM. Last night I couldn’t get near the place. I went last Thursday and the (Louisiana) oysters were, spectacular!
    I ate three dozen.

  • let’s be clear, he’s asking TEXAS Gulf Oysters. As opposed to Louisiana Gulf Oysters. Are we sure everyone on this list is serving Texas Oysters and not Louisiana?

    We’re all for eating local, but I’m sorry, for Gulf Oysters Louisiana are so much better than Texas. I had both last week blind and Louisiana was considerably better.

    And with the Red Tide in the Texas Oyster Gulf this year, Texas has been even harder to source.

    Not answering the question – just pushing back.

    (PS. Hey, my mom is quoted in that 2003 article)

  • Michael Allen

    I recommend Apalachicola – just go to Texas then head east till you get to the Florida Panhandle. You’ll love the oysters – we promise 🙂

  • Beda

    S&D and Pappadeaux. Pappadeaux’s special is all day Thursday, $5.99 a dozen. Oysters at both places were superb.

  • twinwillow

    Beda, I quoted $4.99 a dozen. That information is wrong. Your quote of $5.99 a dozen is correct. However, I was told only after 5:00 PM. Not, all day.

  • Beda

    Twinwillow, not this past Thursday, but the two prior Thursdays I had them for lunch, and their sign says all day.

  • twinwillow

    Thanks, Beda. Glad to know that. They told me at the bar that it was after 5:00 PM.

  • primi timpano

    Hook Line & Sinker for TX/LA

    Oceanaire and Rex’s for those from colder waters.

  • shrimp pimp

    Texas Gulf oysters? They guy is asking the wrong question, looking for the wrong oyster!