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“Roll Up and Chow Down” Food Truck Field Day


Kacey Ferguson, Jeanne's daughter, standing in front of the gardens (photo by Becca)

Normally, we don’t post up every food truck event that’s happening (too many to keep track of), but this one’s a sweet one. D Magazine intern Becca Brooks went to Stonewall Jackson and had a grand time hanging out at the school.

Stonewall Jackson Elementary is unlike any school I’ve ever seen. It’s the regional school for the deaf. There’s a Koi pond outside a classroom entrance and a bustling chicken coop between buildings. Oh yeah, there’s also a student-grown garden out back.

Actually, “Stonewall Garden” is a weekly science lab where the kids learn about the life cycle of plants, insects, and how to grow produce. My elementary alma mater has nothing on this place.

Tomorrow afternoon, ten of your favorite food trucks will be in the school parking lot to benefit this unique curriculum.

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Event co-chairs Katie Brown (George Catering) and Jeanne Ferguson both have kids at Stonewall.

“When you pull the kids out of the classroom to learn science, they absorb it. Four walls confine their minds,” Ferguson says.

“Foodie Fridays” are very popular with the students. At the end of each Friday, Brown features a type of produce and sends it off with the kids like a party favor. This year, she has whipped up grilled okra, bacon-braised cabbage, and broccoli with quinoa and lemon vinaigrette.

These kids are not picky. Brown even posts the recipes online so the parents can try their hand.

“We want the kids to try the food they’re growing, as well as get the parents involved. Kids will eat vegetables if they are prepared properly,” Brown says.

The program receives all its support from the community. Your $5 donation gets you into the event, complete with live music, shaded seating, a playground for the kids, and an endless choice of cuisine.  Expect to see Nammi, Ruthie’s Rolling Café, Three Lions, Easy Slider, Enticed, Gennarino’s, Cajun Tailgators, Ssahm, The Butcher’s Son, and TrailerCakes.

Stonewall Jackson Elementary School
5828 E Mockingbird Lane
Saturday, March 31, 11-3pm