Rohst Korean Marinade is Changing Name and Menu: Rohst Greenville Bar & Grill

Earlier this morning I chatted with Danny Ham, owner of Rohst Korean Marinade on Greenville Avenue. I noticed a new sign over the door and called to ask about the changes he planned. “We are keeping our best-selling Korean dishes,” Ham said. “But we are adding more neighborhood-friendly American dishes like steaks, shrimp, and scallops to the menu.” The new menu is still under development. With the new name change comes the re-lighting of the old Greenville Avenue Bar & Grill sign.

Speaking of green, Mr. Ham also said there was a rumor “on the street” that Rohst had set the record for sales on St. Patrick’s Day by topping $100,00 for the day. “That is just a rumor,” he said. “I know because I count the money.” The comment made me curious. What percentage of cash liquor sales are rung up? I mean a restaurant doing $100K a day? Anyone have an guesstimate or a thought on SPD business?