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Rockstar Bakeshop Goes Mobile With A Little Help From Their Friends

Denver and Kristen Leonard of Rockstar Bakeshop

We caught up with the fine folks behind Rockstar Bakeshop this weekend as they celebrated the maiden voyage of their shiny new truck, which they’ve lovingly named “Layla.”  The weather may not have been ideal last Friday, but the whoopie-heads were out in full force to support Dallas’ first mobile whoopie shop.  Judging by the droves of smiling faces, all in attendance were satisfied with what Rockstar had to offer, which included their usual line-up of whoopies, but also some new creations such as the chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, bourbon glazed bread pudding (which sold out in, like, 10 mins) and a toasted marshmallow s’mores bar.  With the support of the wonderful ladies of Easy Slider truck, it’s no wonder that the Dallas food truck scene is blowing up like an atom bomb.

I caught up with Denver Leonard, who along with his wife, Kristen, are the brains and brawn behind this whoopie operation, and asked him some very important questions regarding their the business, future plans, and the legitimacy of their rock star status.

Jump for an insider’s dish into the world of whoopie…


SideDish: What plans do you have for the future of the business/truck?

Denver Leonard: We actually just got keys to our own place on Greenville Ave. so our future plans with Rockstar Bakeshop include eventually opening an actual brick & mortar bakery in addition to our super cool truck. We’d like to do a whoopie pie bar, where you can build your own whoopies…

SD: Will you be keeping the additional non-whoopie items around?

DL: Of course! We plan on adding more non-whoopie things too, like crazy rice krispy treats, cookies, and possibly creme brulee. We are only limited by our imaginations! The only thing we won’t make is cupcakes. There’s a strict “no cupcakes” policy on the truck!

SD: Any exciting whoopie ideas?

DL: We are playing with a Black & Tan beer whoopie recipe for St. Patty’s Day and we will definitely be making more flavors inspired by adult beverages. The truck will be parked at 4902 Greenville Ave for the St. Patricks Day Parade, so come check out the new flavors then!

S'mores Bar

SD: Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix?

DL: Kristin LOVES Jimi Hendrix, so we have to pick him over Jimmy Page. There’s a Hendrix mini statue on our desk at Rockstar Bakeshop headquarters and the first painting Kristin ever sold was a Hendrix-inspired one with the lyrics to Purple Haze.

SD: Do you ever trash hotel rooms after a heinous whoopie pie bender?

DL: We haven’t had the chance to trash any hotel rooms after a whoopie bender, but the greenroom at the House of Blues is known to have some whoopie pie carnage after a show with empty wrappers everywhere!

SD: Do you guys have whoopie pie groupies?

DL: We do! There’s a core group of whoopie addicts that have followed us around since the beginning. Just like any good band, we would be nothing without our fans!

SD: Do people ever ask you to autograph their whoopie pie?

DL: Not yet, but we would totally be down to autograph a whoopie. Someone should invent Sharpies with frosting in them…

SD: Was Paul McCartney just faking his death to eat whoopie pies backstage?

DL: Paul totally faked his death in 1966 to eat whoopies. Wouldn’t you? The Beatles didn’t break up because of Yoko Ono, they broke up because they fought over who got the last whoopie pie…

SD: Who has better whoopie pie eating lips, Steven Tyler or Mick Jagger?

DL: Definitely Mick Jagger. Plus Steven Tyler’s numerous glittery scarves get in the way of eating whoopies and that is no bueno.

Opening act provided by Easy Slider Truck
Miley Holmes and Caroline Perini of Easy Slider Truck