Restaurant Review: The Best Pastrami Sandwich in Dallas at Deli-News

Pastrami sandwich at Deli-News. Photography by Kevin Marple.

As I opened the menu at Deli-News, the self-proclaimed “New York-style restaurant,” I casually asked my Brooklyn-born-and-raised Jewish friend what qualifies a delicatessen as New York style. Two hours later, I stumbled out of what could have been a long, neurotic Woody Allen movie. “It’s a Russian-Jewish thing,” he snapped. “You see this bagel. You see how this bagel shines. Now that’s a bagel.” I ate the bagel. “Now, you see this pastrami,” he snipped. “This is real pastrami. It’s got the right amount of fat and it’s steamed. It’s not too thick. It’s not too thin.”

He goes on.


  • As an NYC expat living in Dallas, one of things I miss about home is the deli sandwich. I’d heard Deli-News was good, but never checked it out. I have patronized Gandolfo’s food truck, though, and can say a good pastrami sandwich can be found there.

  • R Scott McMahon

    I have had the pastrami at both Deli-News and Gandolfo’s and would say that without question Galdolfo’s has the best pastrami sandwich in Dallas. If you love pastrami, it is worth seeking them out.

  • irodguy

    I have done both corned beef and pastrami and Gandolfo’s and Deli News. I can say that Gandolfo’s is the best. That does not mean that Deli News is “bad” just not as good.

  • Gizzard

    I wish Deli-News would open south of LBJ.

  • Amy S

    @Gizzard – they did (Preston/LBJ), and they closed after just a couple of years.

  • Jed

    This is my fav. Cyndis has a good Pastrami too

  • SarahB

    This review is hysterical. It sounds like my husband who is from New York. He is very picky. More like this.

  • Twinwillow

    The trouble with Gandolfo’s food truck is, you’ve to find them first. I know where Deli-News is all the time. And I proclaim it, the best!

    @Amy S ~ The deli you’re talking about was, Ed’s Deli. It started out as a partnership with the original Deli-News owners but quickly went south when Ed’s Deli broke from Deli-News. Ed’s was terrible and deserved to close.

    @Jed ~ (Cindy’s) is horrible! How could you expect to get a real NYC Jewish deli experience from a Vietnamese girl. And I don’t mean anything derogatory by that. God knows, she’s done very well!

  • irodguy


    Ms Picky who is indeed very picky and orders her corned beef from stage deli fedex even says that Gandolfos is spot on. It’s worth the truck hunt. Unfortunate for me but fortunate for you they are hanging around downtown and not coming north lately. It’s likely that Ms Picky will have me bring back corned beef on Saturday.

  • Twinwillow

    I have no problem with trying Gandolfo’s (pastrami) provided it’s convenient.
    But, I don’t do Twitter, Facebook, or any “social network” for that matter.
    Besides, Deli-news does food I enjoy that I doubt Gandolfo’s ever even heard of.
    But, I’m always open.

  • edtex

    I have the “Wall Streeter” pastrami sandwich at Weinberger’s in Grapevine quite often, it is certainly right up there with Gandolfo’s.

  • Liz G.

    Thank you so much for this! We went today and i have finally found the Pastrami I have been searching for in Dallas for years! It’s all in the slice…and tbey slice it perfectly!

  • Ditto

    Liz G, we went today for the first time and totally agree. Sliced right and steamed. Closed my eyes and tasted NYC!

  • Jed

    Twin – Just getting back to this post. I am not a huge fan of Cyndi’s food. However, their Pastrami sandwich is really good. REALLY good. Its a 1b to Deli News 1A. I prefer Deli News, but if its crowded, I will drive right down the street to Cyndi’s