Pie Rocket: Dough at Preston Forest In Dallas

Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN) approved pizza flour.

The most frequent question asked of Dough owner/chef Keith Hall is: “Why does a11-inch pizza cost $16?” I asked the same question and here is what I found.

If you want quality, you don’t start with “cheap food.” Pizza at Dough starts with flour  from Napoli, the ancestral home of Pizza Napolitana. The grade “double zero” reflects the fineness of the particles. Then comes the water used to make the dough (and is also served in carafes at the table). It comes from the City of Dallas and then goes through a filtration system that removes chemical and physical impurities.

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"OO" means very fine grind...

Then there are the tomatoes in the topping: they come from the foothills around Mount Vesuvius in Italy. These are a DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) product. That is the food equivalent of wine’s DOC and DOCG classifications that denote a specific place of origin of the product. Even the oven in which each pizza spends a scant 90 seconds was crafted in Italy. The other pie toppings come from a long list of local producers listed on the back of the menu. The burrata, fior di latte, and burricotti, are made in-house. If you order take out, the pizza is not fired until you arrive to pick it up. This is quality control taken to an extreme.

The result is a memorable pizza. Eat them with a glass of wine from what may be the best Italian wine list at any pizzeria in town. Look for producers like Allegrini and Vietti for reds, and varieties like Falanghina and Arneis (or the area of Gavi) for whites. Dodge the Pinot Grigios (the grape is popular, but mundane).

DOP Tomatoes

I tasted all of the following at a media event this week. While the assembled hacks and hackettes dined at one table, the rest of the place was hopping. Dough is clearly a favorite spot for couples, families with kiddies, retired folks, and single diners at the counter watching the gyrations of pizza making. Dough is a come-as-you-are, non-judgmental place: an affirmation that Dallas stands behind no one when it comes to really good pizza. Dough, Cavalli, Il Cane Rosso, Urban Crust, Serious Pizza and others are already here, and there are rumors of NY and Chicago style leaders coming in. I say, “Bring it on.”

Pizza Margherita
Off carbs? No problem. Try the Prosciutto Rose


  • Massimo

    I am from Naples Italy, well I think the only authentich neapolitan pizzeria in Dallas is Cane Rosso!
    Why? because 1: the chef/pizzaiolo ( is from Naples)
    2:They use hi quality ingredients,San Marzano tomatoes, 00 italian flour.
    3: They have Stefano Ferrara pizza oven.
    4And the pizza margherita which is 14 inc, only cost $12!!

  • Tim

    Been to both Cane Rosso and Dough. Dough is much better. The pizza at Dough is not soggy like Cane Rosso, the wine list is much better and there is no comparison on the service.

  • Annoyed

    ” If you order take out, the pizza is not fired until you arrive to pick it up. This is quality control taken to an extreme.” Actually, this is arrogance and deafness taken to an extreme. I want to pick up a pizza, take it home, feed the kids, put them to bed, then warm up the pizza in the oven, and eat it with my wife and a glass of wine. Dough’s don’t-fire-till-you’re-here policy doesn’t give me a better pizza experience, it just wastes my time. I want to pick it up and go, not sit there for an unknown and volatile amount of time before I can get our pizza. Plus, pizza loses crispness and cools down on the way home no matter how fresh it is, so unless you live right nearby or drive too fast, your pizza will have degraded regardless. I hated the one time we picked up Dough for this very reason and will never order take-out from them again; they were insufferable enough over the issue I don’t really have desire to eat there either. Cane Rosso is way better anyway.

  • Can’t we all just get along? There are lots of good places to get pizza now in Dallas. Neapolitan pizza is very tricky for to go/delivery. It’s best if you ask for it uncut and then crisp it up in the oven when you get home. High water content in the dough makes it get soft really quickly (TWSS).

  • Christopher

    That second paragraph is basically a grocery list that anyone can pick up from Central Market or Jimmy’s for $10, enough to make several pizzas. I’d be much more impressed if they just said “yeah our ovens are badass and make crispy bubbly crusts in 90 seconds; also I’ve made over 1000 pizzas in my life” because honestly that’s what I’m really paying the $16 for. “From the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius”…*gag*

  • Absolutely Jay. Your comment on getting along is great. The irony is that Jay inspired us (Dough) to get in the Neapolitan biz and we are greatful to Jay for that. Cane Rosso makes great pizza and is packed all the time and Dough makes great pizza and is packed all the time. Good news for the fine citizens in the DFW area that they have so many great choices. I love living in a phenomenal pizza town!

  • Judy

    Love Dough’s pizza! There salads are exceptional and the prosciutto rose with heirloom tomato is a thing of beauty. My husband and I are there every Wednesday night.

  • Kevin

    Thank you to Jay and Brad for their professionalism and customer service. It seems in this day and age of the chef/celebrity that has a tendency to fall at the wayside. I am one thousand times more likely to give places business when the owners comport themselves like gentlemen

  • twinwillow

    They’re both great. However personally, I like Cane Rosso best.

  • sausage on a stick

    @ Annoyed. Have you thought of trying Domino’s or Papa John’s? Sounds more like your cup of tea, based on your need to be pandered to.
    We have dealt with soggy crusts from both Dough and Cane Rosso on takeout, but always appreciate that they are trying to provide the best pizza experience for all customers.
    Actually Digorno sounds more like your kind of pizza….

  • Preston Hollow Peep

    I am SO glad Dough is close to my home as I am there at least once a week. Pizza is awesome and the polenta cake is something close to heaven!

  • Baited N. Switched

    Dough is great! Keep it up!

  • Uptown Uppie

    Cane Rosso for me. Close by and sooooo delicious. Exactly as I remember enjoying pizza in Italy!

  • mikenfrisco

    I like both but wish they had that nifty lil’ fake garlic sauce that Papa John’s includes. It cleans out my insides which is a bonus.