Is Driving to the Fort Worth Food Park Worth Your Gas Money?

Fort Worth food truck park on a nice day

Most definitely, yes.

George Lewis, our food truck guy, sent me on a mission to try out Good Karma Kitchen and The Munch Box, and I did my best to eat as much as I could. Here are my conquests.

On the Friday that I visited not-too-long ago, the weather was lovely, the ground was trash-free, and everything spoke magic inside the tiny alleyway where six or seven food trucks gathered to service the good people of Fort Worth. Sturdy benches line the middle of this corner lot, and there was plenty of room to sit down even during the lunchtime rush hour.

Instead of Porta-Potties, as you would expect, the Fort Worth Food Park (FWFP) has real, hygienic bathrooms that germaphobes don’t need to actually worry about. Go forth and do your business without anxiety, my friends. The FWFP will take care of you.

The ladies of Good Karma Kitchen debuted their sweet ride, Lucy, in October 2011, and have since been fighting the good vegetarian, gluten-free fight. The menu changes every week, but GKK was offering a warm chili with cornbread that Friday, which I couldn’t resist. My friend and I paired that with a gluten-free hot chocolate andspicy Asian flatbread topped with carrots, cilantro, and a spicy BBQ sauce. My favorite chilis always come with meat, but GKK definitely made it work without using it. For a second, I considered going vegetarian.

It was hard to tear myself away from GKK, especially after Christina, who is one half of Team Lucy, gave me and my lunchtime buddy a chocolate dream on the house, out of the goodness of her food truckie heart. In two seconds, we both devoured our four-dollars worth of little chocolate cakes. Was it gluten-free? Yes. Did it still taste like chocolate? Hell yes.

Christina MacMicken agrees to let me take her picture

But once I found out that little Lucy had a boyfriend named Munch Box (according to GKK’s website), I felt it was OK if I betrayed the gals and moved onto the boys.

The Munch Box team consists of the dashing pair, Rob and Eric. On their website, they claim that they’ve spent “cumulatively about 85 years in the food service industry,” but I call this a farce because they each look not a day over thirty. Maximum. (I really hope I’m not offending you guys with my age-guessing!) Their food is simple and seasonal, and they bring a good quality to the FWFTP table. However, on that beautiful Friday, I was already full from eating at GKK and opted for TMB’s serving of dumplings.

The Munch Box's dumplings

The dumplings’ skin was a bit disappointing. It was hard and it had a weird, rubbery texture to it. Keep in mind that I am rather picky about my dumplings since I like making them myself at home, so maybe you shouldn’t take my word for it. Maybe another day, when I feel like guzzling gas, I’ll drop by the FWFP and try something else from the Munch Box boys.

Here’s the FWFP schedule for this weekend:

11am – 2pm
5pm – 10pm

Good Karma Kitchen
Salsa Limon
The Munch Box
Jake’s Burgers
Lee’s Grilled Cheese
The Bacon Wagon

11am – 10pm

Good Karma Kitchen
Salsa Limon
The Munch Box
Gepetto’s Pizza Truck
Red Jett Sweets
Rollin’ Diner & Grill

10am – 9pm

Good Karma Kitchen
Salsa Limon
The Munch Box
Cajun Tailgators
Lee’s Grilled Cheese
Wiener Man
1:00pm Music: Hyry & Sullivan