I Don’t Understand the Hype Over Cereal Milk

image from seriouseats.com

I’m a cereal eater. I also like to eat my cereal with 2% milk, soy milk, and rice milk – chilled or not chilled. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes when I visit my grandmothers in Taiwan, I’ll have a small panic attack because there’s no milk and cereal to be found within a ten-minute radius. When I do have access to my usual glorious boxes of Kashi or Fiber One, I’ll pour my milk until it touches the bottom of my floating flakes, quickly eat my breakfast before it becomes a soggy mess, and then slurp up the leftover milk in a hurry because it is always unsettling to find solid, sugary bits camping out in my bowl. It feels like my milk has been violated.

While I was catching up with a college buddy the other day, my friend was eating a bowl of late night cereal and gushing about his cereal milk. This has happened to me so many times before. Can someone please explain this phenomenon to me? (Though, I must admit, this cereal milk recipe doesn’t look half-bad after you strain all the solid bits out.)

What are your cereal habits? Do you like to eat it dry? Are you a cereal mixer? Do you not eat cereal at all? Hopefully, that’s not the case. That would be too much crazy talk.