Hipsters, Brace Yourself: Wal-Mart is Definitely Moving into Lower Greenville

The face of world domination (photo from libertyguys.com)

The DMN reports that the Walmart empire is taking over the former Whole Foods and Blockbuster space, replacing it with a Neighborhood Market store that’ll be open to the public in September. Wal-Mart promises to bring 90 new jobs to the area and support community projects, but it’ll also be really, really close to the new Trader Joe’s.

Looks like there’ll be some grocery wars waging in Lower Greenville later this year…


  • Rangers100

    Hipsters don’t hang out in the Lower Greenville area.

  • Uptown Uppie

    But, they do/will shop at Trader Joe’s.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Agree with Rangers100. Whatever the real estate broker may have said to the drunk or jet-lagged Trader Joes rep, Lower Greenville ain’t hip.

    That being established,–welcome Walmart! Ordinarily, I despise it, but the Walmart in Uptown is peculiar and, perhaps for that reason, unobjectionable.

  • twinwillow


  • Jo Bennett

    Way Too many food snobs…get a life!

  • Gob Bluth II

    @Bob Loblaw…LMAO!