Grant Morgan is No Longer Chef at Bailey’s Prime Plus

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew Chalk told me Grant Morgan had left his post at Bailey’s Prime Plus. I emailed Morgan and never heard back from him. Turns out he has been traveling out of the country. Chalk also reports former Bob’s GM, Ken Kuczwaj in now GM at Bailey’s Park Lane location along with some of the servers at Bob’s. His job is to put butts in empty seats. Chalk predicts Michael Ehlert, the chef owner Ed Bailey hired to get The Chesterfield up and running, will become the executive chef of a new high-end modern French restaurant backed by Bailey  later this year. (Isn’t his lease at HPV Patrizio up this year?) Meanwhile, there’s a job opening for an executive chef at Bailey’s Prime Plus.


  • Rangers100

    That sucks for Chesterfield fans but isn’t surprising. Ehlert is clearly amazingly talented; the Chesterfield’s food is ridiculously, consistently good, coming out of a tiny kitchen in a bar.

    Mr. Bailey, put the new bar downtown. All the new openings downtown lately are slamming. There is clearly a huge pent-up demand for new restaurants and bars, coming from a major uptick in downtown population in recent years. Downtown residents walk to their local bars and restaurants. Uptown/North Dallas people will drive to a good restaurant, wherever it is (see, the Bishop Arts District). Putting the restaurant downtown captures both markets.

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