• Matt

    IL Cane Rosso – Went there last Saturday before the Mavericks game. Appetizer (Burrata) and Pizza (Paulie Gee) were out of this world good.

    Service – very disappointing. Hardly greeted when we walked in the door (and it was slow at the time), owner walks us to the table, maybe says three words, doesn’t smile, no customer service. C’mon man, your the owner, you can’t at least smile, say your glad to have us. Waiter pretty much echoed his attitude.

    Compared to Dough, I will give cane rosso a slight edge on pizza, but customer service alone will keep me away in the future.

  • twinwillow

    Saturday Lunch at King’s Noodle in Richardson. Great Taiwanese beef noodle soup. The place was packed for lunch. But, we were the only Caucasians (6) in the restaurant.

    Monday night at Cane Rosso. David Ugyer of Lucia was the Monday “guest chef”. He offered two “designer” pies which I’m sorry to say, we did not enjoy. One was totally smothered with a herbed, ricotta cheese that seemed to be piped on and topped with smoked duck (good) and crispy chicken skins (bad). The individual elements were good but just, not together. We should have stuck with our usual pies. I’d like to add, I’ve never had a problem with the service at Cane Rosso. It’s always been great! And despite the downpour that night, the place was packed.

    Wednesday lunch at Pepe & Mito’s. I Love the food here but, too salty!

    Thursday dinner at Nova in Oak Cliff. Yellow tomato salad and their incredibly good mussels. I almost hate to tell how good the food, drinks, and service is here. It’s busy enough as it is. This place is Oak Cliff, personified!

  • HPMom

    Ate at Manuels Creative Cuisine- Just had appetizers and drinks. Really great and inventive food. BUT the place was empty- hope folks discover it. Worth a try!

  • Christopher

    @Matt, I’ve had similar experiences at Il Cane Rosso. Drink re-fills and second servings of beer can be hard to come by, especially if they sit you in the back dark corner. Mildly annoying but won’t keep me/most away.

    Wednesday: Dinner at The Stand on McKinney Ave. Had the Sloppy Dog (Brisket + Queso) and the Dog Pile (Chicago-“Drug through the Garden”-style). I can’t give a specific complaint about the dogs…they’re just so…souless…like cheap stadium food. Individually, every component was not-great-but-okay but together they were a major disappointment. I think it’s a great concept for McKinney and I’m surprised it has taken so long for me to try it but I wasn’t impressed. Admittedly, I wasn’t stumblin-in-the-street-snockered when I tried them so maybe the deserve a handicap.

  • DGirl

    Expensive week for the DFamily. MesoMaya was good, Cochinita Pibil is really excellent there. Nearby Dough was good but way too expensive. $19 for a pie and $9 for a salad? No way. It was good but not that good. Not returning. Nonna was, as always, perfect. The menu isn’t super spring yet, maybe that cute Julian is too busy with Carbone’s to update it but the pastas were fresh and delish. Bolsa is so very kick ass for brunch and everything tastes amazing. The soups are always so good that I see people literally licking the bowls. The unsexy Reuben sammich is just perfect.

  • twinwillow

    Lunch today at Sapporo Ramen in Richardson. Service here is very “disconnected” to say the least. But the food more than makes up for the silly service. Excellent roast pork ramen. The best I’ve had in Dallas!

    Dinner tonight at First Chinese BBQ. Amazing Peking Duck. Like, sex on a plate.

  • JEM

    Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse for a celebration dinner. Appetizers (calamari & devilled eggs) and chopped salad were good, but the Caesar was overdressed and slightly soggy. Four of us shared the Chateaubriand and it was perfectly cooked and delicious. We had broccoli rabe, creamed corn, their signature mac and cheese, and garlic mashed potatoes. The side dishes were fine, nothing special. Atmosphere was wonderful. Service was very good. Really nice evening.
    My son and I had dinner at one of our favorites, Cane Rosso. Our pizzas (Luana & Che Cazzo) were so good. Loved them both. Dessert was vanilla gelato filled with brownie chunks. Yummy. I wanted to order another bowl. I’ve read other complaints about service there, but we go fairly often and have always had good service. We’re not recognized as “regulars,” and the owner doesn’t always come around to our table and talk, but has a few times and was friendly and very appreciative. Staff has always been friendly too. Ate at Dough for the first time two weeks ago and I agree – overpriced. Didn’t love their pizza. Won’t be back.

  • acrow

    Brunch at Maximo. Enchiladas de Huevo were delicious, and a steal at $7 a piece.

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  • j2thafood

    The weather was awesome this week, so it was definitely time for drinks on the patio at glorias. Cold drinks on the patio with friends and some bean dip made the rest of the week a little easier.