Extreme Makeover: Food Truck Edition

3 Men and a Taco had one of the craziest  logos and flashiest truck wraps.  Alas, the food and marketing was all over the map.  Sounds like a taco truck, right?!?  Not so.  It was more food from South Africa, but delivered via the more familiar tortilla.

But now ownership has changed somewhat, leaving brothers Scott and Cameron Bonfield, two expats from the UK.  They are changing up the menu and reinventing themselves as “Three Lions,” serving English-inspired fare from the Homeland.  According to Scott, they want to bring new life to food from the UK and have the loftiest of goals of changing opinions about food from England.

The new truck is getting re-wrapped this weekend and will be on the streets of Dallas next week at a Deep Ellum event as well as a stop at the Gingerman.