Eat This Now: Kor-BQ in Plano

While the Korean-Mexican fusion concept is far from novel at this point, this doesn’t mean it is not every bit as delicious as it was when people were going absolutely batty over the idea of a Korean taco.  Now that this multicultural mish-mashing seems to be slowing down a bit, perhaps it is safe for me to declare my personal favorite, an honor which I bestow upon Kor-BQ in Plano.

I first sampled Kor-BQ shortly after they opened in late 2010.  At the time, whisperings of the taco fusion movement from the West Coast, particularly L.A.’s Kogi food truck, were just barely reaching the ears of North Texans. It was an exciting time for everyone, and I’m sure I was not the only taco lover excited to sample the intriguing flavor profiles of “East meets West.”  Kor-BQ was the first of its kind to hit the Dallas area dining scene. Many others have followed, but I still find myself trekking up to Plano anytime I need to fulfill my cravings for a sweet and spicy Korean short rib taco.

Kor-BQ's Bulgogi Kuesadilla

Kor-BQ’s menu is filled with some of the usual offerings one would expect from a Korean taco joint.  Tacos are offered with a choice of four meats: galbi (marinated short ribs), bulgogi (marinated ribeye), dweji (spicy marinated pork) and dak (spicy marinated chicken).  Customers are then able to choose their style of condiments which include a cilantro and onion mix or a lettuce slaw and soy vinaigrette mixture with a sprinkle of sesame seed.

A personal favorite of mine is their wonderful “kuesadillas,” which take freshly grilled flour tortillas, your choice of meat (mine is usually the bulgogi ribeye), shredded cheese, with a side of their Korean salsa and sour cream.  When all the components combine, it is a hot and altogether blissful experience.  The combination of the sweet and spicy ribeye with the rich melted cheese is a unique profile of flavor and texture which helps keep Kor-BQ at the top of my list.

Beef and Glass Noodle Egg Rolls

Other crowd pleasers include their hearty rice bowls, beef and glass noodle filled Korean egg rolls, and loaded Korean fries with choice of meat, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and their house blended “special sauce.”  Every dish I have tried is fantastic.  Their meats are truly a cut above the rest, always fresh and dripping with flavor

Kor-BQ operates more like a stationary indoor food truck than a typical restaurant.  There is no seating in the restaurant and customers line up along a standing-height counter to devour their tacos and other goods served in small paper baskets. While this allows them to function in the tight confines of their strip mall location, it also avoids some of the weather issues which complicate the lives of food truck owners. It works for them, and I’d probably still eat here if they made me do it while laying on a bed of nails.

With its close proximity to Plano’s Willowbend Mall, Kor-BQ is the silver lining to my wife’s current obsession with H&M.  While skulking around the mall is generally never my idea of a good time, I have found that on a good day, I can slip out of the mall just long enough, while my wife is oogling over leather boots and knit-scarves, to grab some Korean tacos and get back before she even notices I am missing (assuming the I can avoid taco juice stains on my shirt from spoiling the getaway). No matter the risk, Kor-BQ is worth the adventure.


6505 W. Park Blvd. #314, Plano TX


  • irodguy

    There food is okay for sure. The do not however compare to SSham bbq truck. The SSham bbq truck parks every Wednesday on Midway & Frankford. This has pretty much done away with our visits to Kor-BQ

  • Irodguy

    says the owner of SSham bbq truck.

  • Chris

    Being from Southern California, and having relocated to DFW area, I was searching for the best Korean taco and found it at kor-bq. I have tried the ssahm bbq truck and goghee to go but it didn’t quite do it for me. Having heard good things from co-workers about kor-bq, I stopped by one day and instantly found my new favorite taco shop.

  • Jerome

    Went here yesterday for the first time…..The Bulgogi fries were awesome!! Reminded me of the Super Fries at Alberto’s in So Cal but with a Korean twist….I’m coming back.

  • JonB

    Ate here today..had bulgogi tacos and the “Sloppy” – marinated pork, cheese, spices with fried egg on top. Both we’re excellent. Fun little place. I’ll be back.

  • graceL

    Sounds amazing. I’ll be sure to give it a visit when I’m in the area.