Don’t Judge Us for Caving in to Pinterest.

Hey, ya’ll. We have a drool-worthy SideDish Pinterest board for you to waste more of your time on. And if hot food pics don’t suit your liking, follow our Travel, ShopTalk, Weddings, Home, and – of course – Nancy’s “World of Birds” board. Didn’t know that Nancy was a birdwatching fanatic? Yeah, neither did I until she once stopped our conversation mid-sentence and grabbed her binoculars (that she apparently keeps at her desk?) to watch two eagles flying outside our window. Props to her bird photography, though. Just look at this baby hummingbird


  • Anne

    I don’t find it unusual at all to keep binoculars at your desk. I’m across the street from Union Station and have seen hawks flying by my office windows. And, fyi, I don’t think that’s a baby hummingbird. I think it’s a baby Blue Bird (thus Nancy’s reference to Blue bird of happiness.) Never fear Carol! You too can become a birder!!!

  • Carol, it was a fight between a peregrine falcon and a re-tailed hawk. Not eagles. That is not a baby hummingbird, it is a baby bluebird. And I did not stop in ” mid-sentence.” I completed my thought. I am talented in that way.

  • I don’t understand birds. Unless it’s cooked duck. That I understand.

  • Anne

    @Nancy: thanks for mentioning the falcon. I thought I saw one the other day, but it flew past so quickly. And a few seconds after that along came the red tailed hawk. I tried to contain my excitement because my new boss was in my office and I wasn’t yet prepared to come out as a birder. Shame on me.

  • Anne, are you downtown? We are on the 22nd floor and I’ve seen these two go at it several times defending territory.

  • Ditto

    You rock Uncle Nancy. Bird watching at work. Brilliant.

  • bluebird

    so i thought that, if you handle a baby bird, the parents reject it. is that a fallacy?

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